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A wedding stall

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Location: The bazaar, Djelibeybi.

Notes: Bazaar stalls may be closed, appear in different parts of the bazaar, or not be there at all.

This shop sells...
   <colour> chiton for DjToon 3.71
   <colour> tasselled himation for DjToon 3.96
   <style> <colour> embroidered chiton for DjToon 3.50
   <style> <colour> himation for DjToon 2.43
   Bejewelled sandals for DjToon 20.70
   Brilliant red embroidered wedding dress for DjToon 100.10
   Cranberry halter top bridesmaid dress for DjToon 82.80
   D'reg wedding dress for DjToon 33.66
   Embroidered wedding thobe for DjToon 36.80
   Flame coloured chiton for DjToon 50.70
   Laced sandals for DjToon 7.50
   Mushroom and rum pink bridesmaid dress for DjToon 42.30
   Pink cotton wedding dress for DjToon 44.52
   Red Djelian dress for DjToon 12.28
   Red satin dress for DjToon 113.10
   Red wedding kimono for DjToon 66.30
   Short cream satin wedding dress for DjToon 59.80
   Velvet wedding slippers for DjToon 51.00
   Vibrant crimson wedding dress for DjToon 93.80