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The Silver Starr Boutique

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Location: Hillshire, Sto Plains.

This shop sells...
   Black babydoll dress for A$25
   Black choker with a silver teardrop pendant for A$5.50
   Black velvet trousers for A$12.50
   Cameo brooch for A$5
   Cheerful holiday skirt for A$6
   Chequered plus-fours for A$5
   Chunky black boots for A$10
   Dainty black ankle boots for A$11.25
   Duke of Llamedos check jacket for A$25
   Embroidered country bodice for A$6
   Enamelled sunflower brooch for A$15
   Frilly white frock for A$15
   Long tartan scarf for A$37.50
   Peach blossom cravat for A$25
   Silver wild rose brooch for A$50
   Starched white stock for A$15
   Stylish black bag for A$25
   Tan chiffon scarf for A$25
   Tapestry handbag for A$3.75
   Wine-red cravat for A$25