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A cramped shop

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Location: Inside the Thieves' Guild, hidden in the northeast quarter of the sewers, Genua.

This shop sells...
   <material>-trimmed <colour> velvet frock-coat for 2,0,0Gf
   Black backpack for 2,6,66Gf
   Black beret for 80Gc
   Black boots for 8,33Gl
   Black silk shirt for 5,0Gl
   Crowbar for 1,33Gl
   Deluxe lockpick for 5,66Gl
   Fawn cotton trousers for 83Gc
   Knife belt for 1,6,0Gf
   Lantern for 50Gc
   Lockpick for 2,83Gl
   Long midnight black skirt for 5,0,0Gf
   Long sword for 4,0Gl
   Long trenchcoat for 2,6,66Gf
   Rapier for 5,0Gl
   Scarlet tunic for 2,0Gl
   Scruffy old boots for 4,6,66Gf
   Set of safe cracking tools for 6,66Gl
   Short <colour> chiton for 1,33Gl
   Soft black leather trousers for 8,0,0Gf
   Stiletto for 6,66Gl
   Thief's dagger for 4,5,0,47Gd
   Wooden cosh for 13Gc