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A craft room

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Location: Inside the Ninja headquarters, on Silk Lane, Bes Pelargic.

Notes: Items can only be purchased by assassins.

This shop sells...
   Bachi for 110s
   Bamboo flute for 4Rh 70s
   Biwa for 14Rh 70s
   Blue leather-bound book for 20Rh
   Claw hammer for 1Rh 30s
   Cotton furoshiki cloth for 3Rh 40s
   Embroidery needle for 2Rh 60s
   Embroidery pattern book (Ninja embroidery book) for 20Rh
   Embroidery unpicker for 2Rh 60s
   Gift box for 10Rh (Notes: Sold as "square gift box")
   Gift box for 11Rh 80s (Notes: Sold as "rectangular gift box")
   Ink well for 1Rh 5s (Notes: Comes full with two ounces of ink. Various colours available)
   Jewellery box for 11Rh
   Kotsuzumi for 13Rh 90s
   Lacquered calligraphy brush for 1Rh 5s
   Linen square for 3Rh 90s
   Marbling comb for 1Rh 45s
   Metal marbling tray for 100Rh
   Paintbrush for 62s
   Piece of blank wrapping paper for 2Rh
   Piece of potter's clay for 50s
   Piece of writing paper for 1Rh 80s
   Pot of wallpapering glue for 1Rh
   Pottery brush for 1Rh
   Quill for 2Rh 10s
   Red book for 4Rh
   Ricepaper book for 12Rh
   Roll of blank wallpaper for 8Rh 40s
   Sewing box for 7Rh 60s
   Sharp scissors for 2Rh 60s
   Silk furoshiki cloth for 6Rh 80s
   Silver dragon fountain pen for 56Rh 30s
   Small label for 25s
   Small silver needle for 100s
   Thread spool for 5Rh 50s (Notes: Various colours available)
   Tongs for 1Rh
   White gardenia for 2Rh 60s
   Wooden koto for 110Rh 50s
   Wooden pipe case for 8Rh 40s
   Yellow book for 4Rh 70s