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A shop

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Location: Inside the Ninja headquarters, on Silk Lane, Bes Pelargic.

Notes: Items can only be purchased by assassins.

This shop sells...
   Black cotton underpants for 10Rh
   Black cotton undershirt for 10Rh
   Black leather slip-on shoes for 25Rh
   Black silk akome for 12Rh 60s
   Black silk carryall for 20Rh
   Black silk cheongsam for 8Rh 40s
   Black silk kimono for 30Rh
   Black travelling cloak for 50Rh
   Blackened canteen for 30Rh
   Blue cotton shirt for 4Rh 45s
   Blue cotton trousers for 4Rh 45s
   Blue leather satchel for 17Rh 60s
   Blue travelling cloak for 50Rh
   Brass serpent bracelet for 33Rh 40s
   Bronze turtle bracelet for 29Rh 20s
   Ceremonial robe for 43Rh 90s
   Decorative black sash for 50Rh
   Dragon skin garter for 6Rh 80s
   Embroidered canvas backpack for 20Rh
   Embroidered shirt for 4Rh 45s
   Embroidered trousers for 4Rh 45s
   Flowing yukata for 14Rh 70s
   Gold grasshopper bracelet for 25Rh
   Grey travelling cloak for 50Rh
   Hooded silk cloak for 35Rh
   Kami hari for 100s
   Khaki travelling cloak for 50Rh
   Knee-length blue silk dress for 4Rh 70s
   Knee-length white silk dress for 4Rh 45s
   Large white towel for 100s
   Leather armband pouch for 20Rh 100s
   Loose-fitting black trousers for 12Rh 60s
   Mirrored timepiece for 40Rh
   Modest blue silk dress for 8Rh 90s
   Ninja mask for 1Rh 90s
   Padded tabi for 3Rh 15s
   Pewter crane bracelet for 37Rh 60s
   Plain white bra for 25s
   Platinum butterfly bracelet for 50Rh
   Purple ankle boots for 29Rh 20s
   Purple thigh-high stockings for 1Rh 90s
   Red silk garter for 6Rh 80s
   Short purple kimono for 8Rh 90s
   Silver bamboo hairpin for 5Rh
   Silver dragon bracelet for 45Rh 100s
   Smoke-coloured shirt for 29Rh 20s
   Smoke-coloured trousers for 29Rh 20s
   Steel tiger bracelet for 41Rh 80s
   Stick of black camouflage paint for 4Rh 20s
   Thick black obi for 40Rh
   Tight black ninja jacket for 2Rh 60s
   Tight black ninja trousers for 1Rh 105s
   White ankle boots for 29Rh 20s
   White cotton kyutai for 8Rh 90s
   White cotton panties for 100s
   White hakama for 10Rh
   White haori for 4Rh 45s
   White silk cheongsam for 8Rh 90s
   Wrap-around undershirt for 10Rh