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A graduate clothes shop

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Location: Inside the Assassins' Guild, on Filigree Street, Ankh-Morpork.

Notes: Items can only be purchased by assassins.

This shop sells...
   Black ankle boots for A$35
   Black breeches for A$12
   Black fluffy bed socks for A$2
   Black hooded cloak for A$138
   Black knee-high silk stockings for A$6
   Black lab goggles for A$2
   Black lace dress for A$40
   Black leather slip-on shoes for A$30
   Black sequinned purse for A$25
   Black silk corset for A$18.50
   Black silk cravat for A$10
   Black silk evening bag for A$32
   Black silk garter for A$8
   Black silk knee breeches for A$18
   Black silk nightdress for A$20
   Black silk nightshirt for A$15
   Black silk pyjamas for A$16
   Black silk scarf for A$11.25
   Black silk stockings for A$15
   Black silk umbrella for A$8.25
   Black silk waistcoat for A$18
   Black suede gloves for A$8
   Black velvet bodice for A$45
   Black velvet pants for A$22
   Black velvet slippers for A$15
   Black velvet trousers for A$12.50
   Black woollen nightcap for A$4
   Dark grey cloak for A$9
   Dark grey silk shirt for A$25
   Deep purple velvet shirt for A$26
   Deep purple velvet trousers for A$24
   Demure black silk dress for A$26
   Discreet black dress for A$24
   Fluffy black bathrobe for A$32.50
   Grey leather boots for A$35
   Grey silk trousers for A$25
   Light grey hat for A$8.50
   Long black coat for A$45
   Long black duelling coat for A$45
   Loose black cotton pants for A$6
   Sleeveless black waistcoat for A$9
   Stylish black lab coat for A$5
   Tight black silk dress for A$39
   White silk cravat for A$10
   White silk shirt for A$42