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The Mano Rossa clothes shop

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Location: Inside the Mano Rossa headquarters, on Dauphin Street, Genua.

This shop sells...
   <colour> linen cloak for 1,2,0Gf (Notes: Black version)
   Black hooded cloak for 7,7,33Gf
   Black knee-high silk stockings for 8,0Gl
   Black leather trenchcoat for 3,3,33Gf
   Black onyx cufflinks for 3,6,0Gf
   Black silk balaclava for 1,96Gl
   Black silk cravat for 1,3,33Gf
   Black silk fedora for 1,3,33Gf
   Black silk knee breeches for 2,4,0Gf
   Black silk shirt for 5,0Gl
   Black silk socks for 2,66Gl
   Black silk stockings for 2,0,0Gf
   Black silk trousers for 5,0Gl
   Black suede gloves for 1,0,66Gf
   Black tie for 1,6,66Gf
   Black wide-brimmed hat for 1,66Gl
   Blood red gloves for 9,33Gl
   Chunky gold cufflinks for 2,9,33Gf
   Elbow-length black leather gloves for 1,6,66Gf
   Elbow-length blood red gloves for 9,33Gl
   Intaglio stick pin for 9,3,33Gf
   Jewelled stick pin for 1,6,6,66Gd
   Long black hooped skirt for 5,0Gl
   Long black velvet cloak for 1,0,0Gf
   Mother of pearl cufflinks for 4,0,0Gf
   Polished black shoes for 4,0,0,0Gd
   Polished white shoes for 4,0,0,0Gd
   Silver cigar case for 1,0,0Gf
   Silver stick pin for 2,0,0Gf
   Small bottle of hair oil for 6,66Gl
   Soft leather gloves for 6Gc
   Thin black tie for 1,3,33Gf
   White cotton shirt for 60Gc
   White silk cravat for 1,3,33Gf
   White silk shirt for 5,6,0Gf
   White silk socks for 6,66Gl
   White tie for 1,6,66Gf