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An equipment shop

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Location: In a hidden location at the north end of the city, Genua.

This shop sells...
   Bandolier for 1,6,0Gf
   Black backpack for 2,6,66Gf
   Black leather armband for 2,4,66Gf
   Black leather garter for 66Gc
   Black leather thigh sheath for 2,2,33Gf
   Black leather wristband for 1,0,66Gf
   Black mail hauberk for 1,7,33Gf
   Black soft-soled boots for 8,33Gl
   Black soft-soled boots for 5,0Gl
   Black violin for 9,3,33Gf
   Blowpipe cover for 2,66Gl
   Clay blowpipe for 3,4,66Gf
   Dart for 2,0Gl
   Deluxe lockpick for 5,66Gl
   Hand crossbow for 2,0,0Gf
   Hand crossbow bolt for 1,66Gl
   Katar for 1,2,0,0Gd
   Knife belt for 1,6,0Gf
   Large throwing hatchet for 1,7,33Gf
   Length of black chain for 5,33Gl
   Length of cheesewire for 8,0Gl
   Lockpick for 2,83Gl
   Mail shirt for 5,33Gl
   Medium throwing hatchet for 1,3,0Gf
   Piano wire for 1,0,0Gf
   Priests for 1,66Gl
   Repeating crossbow for 1,3,3,33Gd
   Rubber dart for 33Gc
   Slim crossbow bolt for 2,66Gl
   Small <colour> glass phial for 5,3,33Gf (Notes: Purple phial, contains one teaspoon of sparkling purple syrup)
   Small <colour> glass phial for 5,3,33Gf (Notes: Green phial, contains one teaspoon of oily colourless liquid)
   Small shoulder pouch for 2,0Gl
   Small throwing hatchet for 8,66Gl
   Sturdy steel necklace for 1,2,0Gf
   Switchblade for 9,3,33Gf
   Throwing spike for 7,53Gl
   Utility belt for 2,6,66Gf
   Violin bow for 5,33Gl
   Violin case for 1,3,3,33Gd
   Wooden blowpipe for 5,33Gl