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Plaza Tobacconist's

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Location: Northeast side of the Plaza of Broken Moons, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Book of cigarette papers for 20p
   Brown leather pouch (Ankh fine blended tobacco) for A$1.37
   Brown leather pouch (Grim's old blower tobacco) for A$1.50
   Brown leather pouch (Morpork favourite tobacco) for A$1
   Brown leather pouch (old Ramtops tobacco) for A$1.37
   Brown leather pouch (rimwards mild tobacco) for A$1.75
   Brown leather pouch (very special Klatchian tobacco) for A$1.50
   Cigar for 50p
   Clay pipe for 75p
   Instructive leaflet for 5p
   Large piece of cigarette paper for 2p
   Long pipe for A$1.25
   Paper pouch (Jolly Sailor tobacco) for A$1.75
   Pipe-cleaner for 25p
   Silver cigarette case for A$5.62
   Silver pipe for A$5
   Small piece of cigarette paper for 1p
   Wooden cigar case for A$2.50