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Addlemeyer's Ecclesiastical Curiosity Shop

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Location: East half of Grunefair, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Clerk's quill for A$20
   Devotional painting of Fish for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Gapp for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Gufnork for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Hat for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Pishe for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Sandelfon for A$22.50
   Devotional painting of Sek for A$22.50
   Framed page from an illuminated manuscript for A$1250
   Golden quill pen for A$17.60
   Grey goose quill for A$20
   Holy relic (Random God) for A$15
   Illuminated breviary for A$140
   Linen-bound book for A$35
   Rainbird quill for A$20
   Rumpled leather-bound book for A$35
   Scale-embossed book for A$35
   Set of prayer beads (Random God) for A$50
   Silver-blue silk book for A$35
   Slim leather-bound book for A$35
   Small glass bottle of <colour> ink for A$2.50 (Notes: Comes with two ounces of a randomly coloured ink)
   Speckled fluffy book for A$35
   Stormy petrel quill for A$20
   Sturdy pocketbook for A$35
   Swansdown quill for A$20
   Vulture feather quill for A$20