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Ligeia's chiton shop

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Location: Middle of Impartiality Avenue, Ephebe.

This shop sells...
   <colour> chiton for S12|72de (Notes: Various colours available)
   Apple white chiton for S26|56de
   Cobalt blue chiton for S33|22de
   Dusty lavender chiton for S49|17de
   Embroidered blue chiton for S25|49de
   Embroidered grey chiton for S25|49de
   Flame gold chiton for S31|22de
   Forest green chiton for S26|56de
   Gold-worked blue chiton for S25|49de
   Green and black chiton for S26|56de
   Ornate red and gold chiton for S25|49de
   Pebble grey chiton for S43|82de
   Salmon pink chiton for S31|22de
   Sheer sky-blue chiton for S25|49de
   Short <colour> chiton for S2|63de (Notes: Various colours available)
   Short aquamarine chiton for S7|29de
   Simple green chiton for S7|93de
   Simple linen chiton for S2|63de
   Simple red chiton for S9|29de
   Simple white linen chiton for 1M S3|16de
   Snowy white chiton for 1M S19|75de
   Thistle green chiton for S46|50de
   Vine-patterned white chiton for S25|49de