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A big clothing shop

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Location: Southwest section of Endless Street, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Cat nose with whiskers for 50p
   Cloth robe for 10p
   Fake bull horns for 75p
   Floppy dog ears for A$1
   Fluffy bunny ears for 5p
   Fluffy bunny tail for 12p
   Fluffy cat ears for A$11
   Fluffy cat tail for A$43.75
   Fluffy fox ears for A$11
   Fluffy fox tail for A$43.75
   Incredibly stupid-looking ballerina costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking chicken costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking clown costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking crocodile costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking fairy costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking gorilla suit for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking jester costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking manatee suit for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking penguin suit for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking pirate costume for 30p
   Incredibly stupid-looking sphinx costume for 30p
   Leather gloves for 62p
   Pig snout for 50p
   Pig tail for 25p
   Pointy rubber ears for 50p
   Rubber duck feet for A$2.12
   Rubber pig ears for 60p
   Soft leather cap for 10p
   Soft leather shoes for 15p
   Striped tiger ears for A$11
   Striped tiger tail for A$43.75