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An area of the Harbour Market where a second-hand furniture stall has been set up

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Location: North half of the Harbour Market, Ephebe.

This shop sells...
   Apple-wood chest for 2M S40|34de
   Apple-wood chest of drawers for 3M S9|48de
   Battered tin footbath for S19|13de
   Brown-painted wooden bench for 5M S24|32de
   Green enamel jug for S6|77de
   Greyed timber bookcase for 2M S14|80de
   Greyed timber washbasin for 2M S8|44de
   Scuffed kitchen bench for 8M S46|57de
   Simple cream bed for 14M S1|76de
   Simple cream wardrobe for 16M S29|38de
   Squat porcelain jug for S38|26de
   White wooden chair for 1M S13|76de