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A strange amphora-and-weaponry garden at the edge of the Harbour Market

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Location: East end of the Harbour Market, Ephebe.

This shop sells...
   Bastard sword for S13|28de
   Bronze sagaris for S6|62de
   Bronze stile for S6|62de
   Dagger for S1|31de
   Dagger scabbard for 19de
   Double-headed battle axe for S9|29de
   Ephebian round shield for 25de
   Javelin for S5|94de
   Large metal shield for S2|63de
   Large wooden shield for 63de
   Metal clad boots for S1|63de
   Metal gauntlets for S9|93de
   Ornate bronze corslet for S18|58de
   Rapier for S9|93de
   Rapier scabbard for S5|30de
   Sabre scabbard for S33|22de
   Scimitar for S8|61de
   Scimitar scabbard for S3|31de
   Short sword scabbard for S2|63de
   Small leather shield for S2|63de
   Steel kopis for S13|28de
   Steel xiphos for S6|62de
   Stiletto scabbard for S3|31de
   Studded leather jacket for 76de