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An area of the Harbour Market ridden with junk-filled barrels

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Location: Southeast corner of the Harbour Market, Ephebe.

This shop sells...
   Black tambourine for S26|56de
   Carving knife for S3|31de
   Copper medallion for S5|30de
   Frying pan for 25de
   Hammer for S2|63de
   Large axe for S9|93de
   Large fishing net for 31de
   Leather gorget for S6|62de
   Leather undershirt for S2|48de
   Meat cleaver for S2|63de
   Nail for 2de
   Percussion primer for S7|93de
   Pipe-cleaner for 63de
   Pyramid keyring for S33|22de
   Safety clip for 15de
   Shoe horn for 6de
   Skull-design buckle and belt for S13|28de
   Small ivory pick for S5|94de
   Small label for 63de
   Small silver needle for S2|63de
   Tube of waterproof glue for S10|60de
   Wooden pitchfork for S13|28de
   Yellow stone ring for S13|28de