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  • 09/04/19, AM Fools Guild Added
  • 13/11/18, Copperhead is now on the Ramtops map, shop contents to follow.
  • 29/05/17, I have finally added the souvenir shop at the Least gate in AM and the Arcane Transport departure locations. Fingers crossed the next update will not be so delayed.
  • 26/11/16, Thanks to Quow for sharing his map of Slippery Hollow. Shops, NPC's and their items are being added to the database as and when I get time.
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The sprawling city of Ankh-Morpork shop links lies on the Sto Plains. I've also made an image mapped Ankh-Morpork which allows you to click on buildings to open the appropriate minimap. There is a seperate map of the underdocks and the river Ankh.

Player guilds: Ankh-Morpork Palace Guards, Temple of Small Gods, Pishe Gardens and other Temples, Weapon Masters' Court, Thieves' Guild, Assassins' Guild, Unseen University, Fools Guild.

Non-Player guilds: Alchemists' Guild, Bankers' Guild, Butchers' Guild, Merchants' Guild, Guild of Plumbers and Dunnykindivers, Butchers' Guild, Merchants' Guild, Musicians' Guild.

Other buildings: Ankh-Morpork Council, Magical Supplies Emporium, Apex Club, the Dysk area, Royal Art Museum, Flintwick Building, Milords & Miladies, Patrician's Palace, Phedre Road Shops, Pseudopolis Yard Beauty Parlour, Pseudopolis Yard Watch House, Salt Shaker, Pepper Pot.


Klatch is big and has lots of sand! Klatchians here, Ephebians there and D'regs all over the desert. Djelibeybi shop links is a city nestled around the delta of the Djel river. Killing cats or priests in this city is not recommended, as pits full of crocodiles may offend. Djelibeybi is home to the Djelibeybi Institute of Illusory Learning, a wizardly institution.

It is possible to make your way into the Netherworld from Djelibeybi. The Hashishim's caves are located near Djelibeybi.

The city of Ephebe (Underground) is also in Klatch.

The Klatch map shows all the areas of note spread out amongst the various deserts and savannas of the region.Imtebos and Chronides farmsteads are situated west of Djelibeybi and south of Ephebe respectively, while the Oasis is located in the Ephebe Desert and the PK Arena is in the Tsort Desert.

Sto Plains

The Sto Plains stretch between Klatch and west and the Ramtops, encompassing a number of small (and not so small) towns, and a whole lot of road. The Sto Plains shop links map shows all small towns and connecting roads in the area. The Morpork Mountains contains an entrance to Death's domain.

Sto Lat shop links is one of the larger cities on the Sto Plains. The city contains an extensive sewer, the Sto Lat Academy of Artificers, and a large cabbage warehouse.

Ramtops, Uberwald and Beyond

This area is massive, containing thousands of miles of sprawling plains, dense forests and tall mountains. A number of small villages huddle together in the Ramtops shop links, including Ohulan Cutash, Lancre, Bad Ass, and more. The map also contains other areas of note, such as the Temple of Listening Monks. Slippery Hollow is on its own page for now as fitting it into the larger Ramtops map is not that simple.

The water sprite caverns near Razorback are also available. The entrance to the Newbie Area Museum is hidden along one part of the Ramtops road. The mighty Lancre Castle is becoming accessible.

Uberwald is an enormous kingdom stretching all the way to the Hub and beyond. Here's a large Uberwald map shop links for those who want a sense of not-to-scale, and a condensed Uberwald map for those who just want town maps.

The Temple of the Monks of Cool sits at the eastern end of the Smarl River Road.

Counterweight Continent

Far from the Circle Sea is the mysterious Agatean Empire. This area contains Bes Pelargic shop links. The five family estates of Bes Pelargic have also been mapped. I've also written up an overview of how the families work for those who wish to join one.

Misc buildings: Hall of Records, Language Institute, Culture Institute, Red Tower, Ninja Guild.

The Brown Islands are in the vicinity of the Counterweight Continent.


Genua, the Diamond City. Located in the Vieux delta, Genua shop links has a vibrant personality and rich history. The Genua NPCs map allows you to view or search for NPC names in Genua. The Mano Rossa reside in Genua.

The little village of Bois lies close to Genua, in the middle of the forest.


Here's an extra large map of Pumpkin Town (the newbie area) and one of the CTF Arena.

Pixel-to-room maps of the Circle Sea region and the Ramtops/Uberwald terrains were released when the areas were introduced, as was a Counterweight Continent map. These maps are the work of the creators who made them (and the terrains they represent), and may be out of date in some parts.

I've combined the terrain maps and overlaid them on the official Discworld map to create a Discworld Overview map - don't expect things to match up too neatly, but it gives the general idea. The background of this image is the work of Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs.

Guide to the Maps

The key should be fairly self explainitory. I've made a few minor changes, such as adding a room colour for custom items and an icon for pet related items, which I felt were needed.

Map Key

Room colours are sometimes mixed to indicate multiple purpose rooms. The most common of these is the green and red mixture for food shops, however anything can be mixed. The icons intentionally have some wiggle room. The pet icon can be anything pet related. The pack icon can be anything container related. It's not rocket surgery. ;)


For many years I, and countless other mudders, happily used maps made by Airk. They're great maps - simple, informative, compact... However in 2006, Airk was taken in by the beast known as World of Warcraft, and his presence on the Disc waned. As a result of this, the maps started to fall out of date. In early 2007 I contacted Airk and asked if he would mind me keeping his maps up to date.

I do not intend to change much - heck, I'm even keeping the Webpage layout. I've made minor updates to the room colours and icon key, and a few minor aesthetic changes, but the overwhelming majority of my changes are simple updates - adding new areas. I'm sticking to Airk's policy of not showing EVERYTHING. Hidden exits will only be marked if they are not quest related or explicitily secret. While maps of major cities will not be remade, I've been remaking some of the other maps to look more current and clean.

When a new area is introduced to the MUD, I will usually wait a week or two (or more if it's a large area) before releasing a map. This is to allow people to explore it on their own, and to ensure that there's no eyebrows raised in relation to my having prior access to the area as a playtester.

Airk's maps can be found at

As of 13/04/2016 the site will be updated by Avicenna. Kefka continues to host the site and I do not wish to take any of the credit from his or Airks work. I will simply be making minor updates as required.

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