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Nationality-Based Climate Resistance


To a Lancastrian living in Ankh-Morpork, winter is nowhere near as cold as it was back home. A Klatchian scoffs at the paltry Uberwaldean summers. This is a simple idea to implement a small amount of nationality-based climate resistance.

Essentially, players coming from warmer areas of the Disc tolerate the heat better but the cold worse. Players coming from colder climates tolerate the cold better but the heat worse. Players coming from somewhat neutral areas are unaffected.

I don't know enough about how temperature works to suggest the best way to implement this, but it seems that making people from cold climates a few degrees warmer and people from hot climates a few degrees cooler would do the trick.

Based on the MUD and books, here are how I imagine the in game areas to map out:

Region Area Climate
Sto Plains / Istanzia Between Klatch and Ramtops Neutral
Uberwald Most areas of Uberwald Neutral
Klatch All of Klatch Hot
Genua Genua/Bois area only Hot
Agatea The Agatean Empire Cold
Ramtops Anywhere in the Ramtops Cold

This idea should be rather easy to implement, as it simply needs a single value to be stored (-X, 0 or X) when a player selects a nationality, and that value be used when calculating how hot/cold a player is. The above regions are guidelines - a decision can be made for every possible nationality.

Told you it was a short one!