Kefka's Discworld MUD ...Stuff

Golem Pets
This is an idea to allow players to make golem pets by creating a body using the existing pottery system, and giving it life via a chem (scroll containing holy life-giving writ) produced by a player priest.
Cooking System
This is an idea for a MUD-wide cooking system which allows players to cook various food from raw ingredients, using the cooking (and possibly plants.edible and plants.herbal) skills. The core of the idea is to have recipes which work somewhat like scrolls, using craft.culinary skills to cast and ingredients/equipment as components.
Defile Corpse
This ritual is performed on a corpse, causing it to explode in a very gory way. It does not damage anything (well, except the corpse), being more of a toy ritual, most similar to the burial rituals. It is, obviously, intended for worshippers of Sek.
Skill-Based Titles
Player titles are great. They add variety to peoples names, let them identify with their guild and show off how long they've been playing for. This idea details the addition of some titles awarded for having proficiency in certain skills and an update to the 'title' command.
Witches' Cottages
This idea was originally envisioned as a witch-only form of player house, however it has since then developed into more of a general "player house gardens" idea. While the theme is still true to the cottages of Discworld witches, the idea works just as well for generic outdoor player housing rooms. The idea involves gardening and farming details.
NOTE: The yard types page contains details of yard types.
Creator Card Album
This idea is for a card album to store and display creator cards, similar to the albums available IRL for collectable cards. The album is based on a book (with certain different abilities and modifications), which most people are familiar with using on the MUD.
Nationality-Based Climate Resistance
To a Lancastrian living in Ankh-Morpork, winter is nowhere near as cold as it was back home. A Klatchian scoffs at the paltry Uberwaldean summers. This is a simple idea to implement a small amount of nationality-based climate resistance.
McSweeney Happy Meal Toys
A simple little idea based on the McSweeney's/McDonald's joke; The ability to buy meals which include a cheap and crappy toy. We call them "McSweeney Meals of Responsibly Moderated Glee".
Fishing System
Everyone (except fish, or people who like fish in a not-food way) loves fishing! There seem to have been some vague potshots made at implementing some kind of fishing in certain areas, but only on a once off basis. This idea is for a MUD-wide fishing system which could be applied easily to any appropriate room.
NOTE: The fishing demo page contains a demo of the system.
Weapon Katas
This command would allow warriors to perform weapon katas, their success in which would indicate how effectively they can use the weapon with their current** skill. Adjectives and adverbs in the messages when performing a kata give an idea of how their** bonus compares to that needed to use the weapon with optimal efficiency.
Singing Songs
This idea is for a method of writing and performing songs. A player writes a song in a fashion vaguely similar to writing a play for the Dysk or a witch's trick, and it can then be performed by any player. Music skills are used.
Robbery System
This is an idea for an Ankh-Morpork based system to dynamically generate semi-random houses for the purpose of having thieves rob them. This is to allow thieves to be more in line with the books, stealthily burgling houses rather than shoplifting. It would be a fun and challenging way to use covert skills in a non-combat situation, and earn some money/xp.