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Witches' Cottages


This idea was originally envisioned as a witch-only form of player house, however it has since then developed into more of a general "player house gardens" idea. While the theme is still true to the cottages of Discworld witches, the idea works just as well for generic outdoor player housing rooms. The idea involves gardening and farming details.

The Cottages

As the original idea was distinctly for witch cottages, I had a couple of layouts in mind. They were as follows:

Example Witches' Cottages

The path rooms are not technically part of the player housing, just there as an entrance/exit (to wherever the cottage is located) and to allow access to the yard rooms. In accordance with the witch cottage theme, these layouts have back doors as well as front doors.

The layout and rest of the player housing is of little importance to this idea, which focuses on the functionality of the outdoor yard rooms.

The Yards

While normal player housing rooms have a predefined purpose (bedroom, kitchen, etc), I imagine yards to be changeable, as long as the room is entirely empty before doing so. This isn't necessary, but would encourage people to experiment until they find a mix which appeals to them.

Possible yard types include:

To have room specific features (hives, flower beds, crops, etc) the room must be set to the correct type. This forces some choice as to what goodies the owner wishes to develop. To change room type, all furnishings, etc, must be removed. How this works for things like ponds and garde beds, I don't know.

It would probably be easiest to make it so that all the furnishings must be purchased like any other player house furniture. Things which are not usually purchased, such as ponds or garden beds, could work on some kind of "hired labour" shop system. Haven't thought that part out really.

Certain yard types should only be available in certain areas. For example, yards in Ankh-Morpork would not really be suitable for a pen, while houses in the Ramtops would be. Perhaps the hives type could be restricted to witches.

The yard types page contains all the exciting gardening and farming details!