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Skill-Based Titles


Player titles are great. They add variety to peoples names, let them identify with their guild and show off how long they've been playing for. This idea details the addition of some titles awarded for having proficiency in certain skills and an update to the 'title' command.

The Idea

I wasn't sure if levels or bonuses should be used in awarding titles. I chose bonuses, because while levels represent a degree of investment (XP) into a skill, it's your bonus that represents your ability in the skill. Titles are usually awarded to people who demonstrate an ability - for example you can pay to enroll in university classes, but you wont pass and get a Doctorate without demonstrating your ability. Hence, bonuses seem to be the better value.

Some titles (and related skill/bonus) I think would be appropriate are...

Title Skill Bonus
Souse-Chef cr.culinary 200
Chef cr.culinary 350
Nurse cr.medicine 200
Doctor, Dr cr.medicine 350
Maestro, Maestra 350

Many profession/job names could be awarded as 'titles' - Farmer, Miner, Herbalist... I've avoided them for a few reasons, mainly because most of them (except Farmer) would sound silly in front of someones name. Likewise, more specific titles like Boulanger and Patissier for bakery skills could be added... but that's just getting pedantic in my opinion. I'm not looking to have a title for every skill branch - just a few that people would appreciate and use.

The 'title' Command

The 'title' command could do with an overhaul to reflect the new titles. I imagine it working like the 'commands' command...

Your player title is currently not set.
Your default titles are:
   Miss, Mr, Mrs and Ms.
Your age titles are:
   Old, Old man and Old woman.
Your guild titles are:
   Butterfingers, Crafty, Crooked, Dastardly, Dishonest, Dodgy, Elusive, Evasive, Fingers,
   Furtive, Greased, Honest, Latent, Light-fingered, Quick-fingered, Quiet, Shady, Shifty,
   Silent, Slick, Sly and Tricky.
Your skill titles are:
   Maestro, Maestra, Nurse and Sous-Chef.

The 'title <title>' syntax still works as before, the output is just a bit clearer when listing all available titles.

While I'm here though, why don't warriors get any guild titles? :'(