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Slave, slave boy, slave girl, slave woman

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Known Location: . Chronides farmstead, south of Ephebe.

Notes: Description may vary.

This NPC has been spotted with...
   <colour> <material> sandals
   <colour> chiton
   <colour> embroidered sandals
   <colour> himation
   <colour> long-sided chiton
   <colour> tasselled himation
   <colour> traditional sandals
   <shade> <colour> exomis
   <style> <colour> <material> sandals
   <style> <colour> buttoned chiton
   <style> <colour> double-girded chiton
   <style> <colour> embroidered chiton
   <style> <colour> himation
   <style> <colour> sandals
   <style> himation
   Beaded necklace
   Brass bracelet
   Brass necklace
   Brass ring
   Bright copper anklet
   Bright copper armband
   Bright copper necklet
   Bronze bracelet
   Bronze medallion
   Bronze necklace
   Clay cup
   Copper dagger
   Copper necklace
   Crude string bag
   Green glass shard
   Hide tunic
   Large amphora (Notes: Usually contains wine)
   Large oinochoe (Notes: Usually contains water)
   Sharp grey mineral rock
   Short <colour> chiton
   Slender knife
   Small basket
   Small copper knife
   Toy rider
   White cotton tunic