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The Palace Guard armoury

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Location: The Palace Guard headquarters, northwest end of Upper Broadway, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Back scabbard for A$2
   Black iron flail for A$65
   Double-edged broad sword for A$37.50
   Halberdic spear for A$67.50
   Iron war club for A$95
   Long sword for A$3
   Mail chausses for A$2.50
   Mail coif for A$3.25
   Mail hauberk for A$6.50
   Mail hosen for A$5.75
   Mail mittens for A$2.25
   Mail shirt for A$4
   Mail skirt for A$4.50
   Medium bone shield for 15p
   Medium metal shield for 75p
   Medium wooden shield for 15p
   Morning star for A$3.50
   Morporkian gladius for A$4
   Short steel baton for A$20
   Short sword for A$2
   Small leather shield for A$1
   Sturdy brown rain cloak for A$30
   Two-handed black shafted mace for A$88.75
   Two-handed sword for A$20
   Two-handed war hammer for A$84.62
   Two-handed war sword for A$75
   War flail for A$87.50