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Tools 'r' Us

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Location: Northwest half of Carrefour Crescent, Genua.

This shop sells...
   Chisel for 1,0Gl
   Claw hammer for 2,0Gl
   Hacksaw for 16Gc
   Large pickaxe for 3,3,33Gf
   Leather apron for 1,33Gl
   Phillips head screwdriver for 1,0Gl
   Pickaxe for 2,0Gl
   Shovel for 2,66Gl
   Soil-encrusted pitchfork for 6,66Gl
   Standard screwdriver for 1,0Gl
   Wire cutters for 83Gc
   Wooden hoe for 6,66Gl
   Wooden mallet for 1,0Gl