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A guild shop

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Location: In a hidden location on Quirm Street, Sto Lat.

This shop sells...
   Bandolier for A$12
   Black backpack for A$20
   Black brocade shirt for A$18
   Black lace dress for A$40
   Black leather wristband for A$8
   Black mail hauberk for A$13
   Black midriff top for A$24
   Black pinstripe trousers for A$16
   Black pocket watch for A$60
   Black silk balaclava for A$1.47
   Black silk bikini underwear for A$3
   Black silk brassiere for A$7.50
   Black silk dress for A$35
   Black silk shirt for A$3.75
   Black silk stockings for A$15
   Black silk trousers for A$3.75
   Black soft-soled boots for A$6.25
   Black soft-soled boots for A$3.75
   Black square-toed boots for A$26
   Black velvet dress for A$7.50
   Black wide-brimmed hat for A$1.25
   Black wool dress for A$30
   Blowpipe cover for A$2
   Dart for A$1.50
   Delicate black dress for A$36
   Deluxe lockpick for A$4.25
   Enticing twilight dress for A$6.75
   Foil for A$2.50
   Gold assassin's pin for A$15
   Hand crossbow for A$15
   Hand crossbow bolt for A$1.25
   Hooded velvet dress for A$56
   Ivory blowpipe for A$22.50
   Katar for A$90
   Knife belt for A$12
   Lockpick for A$2.12
   Long black velvet cloak for A$7.50
   Mail shirt for A$4
   No. 10 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 11 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 12 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 5 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 6 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 7 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 8 throwing knife for A$7.50
   No. 9 throwing knife for A$7.50
   Poniard for A$82
   Priests for A$1.25
   Rubber dart for 25p
   Rubber knife for 50p
   Silver black widow pin for A$15
   Silver blowpipe for A$26
   Silver cobra pin for A$15
   Silver raven pin for A$15
   Silver scorpion pin for A$15
   Silver tree frog pin for A$15
   Silver viper pin for A$15
   Sleek black shirt for A$5
   Slim black watch for A$35
   Small <colour> glass phial for A$40 (Notes: Green phial, contains one teaspoon of oily colourless liquid)
   Small <colour> glass phial for A$40 (Notes: Purple phial, contains one teaspoon of sparkling purple syrup)
   Small shoulder pouch for A$1.50
   Stick of cabbage-green camouflage paint for A$5
   Stiletto for A$5
   Tight black rollneck sweater for A$7.50
   Tight black silk skirt for A$22
   Twilight silk high heels for A$22.50
   Utility belt for A$20
   Wooden blowpipe for A$4