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Stapleton's Student Supplies

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Location: Inside the Sto Lat Academy Of Artificers, on King's Road, Sto Lat.

Notes: Shop is a general store, but has default/frequent stock.

This shop sells...
   <adjectives> towel for A$1
   <colour> mineral pebble for 12p (Notes: Various colours available)
   Artificer's boots for A$23.75
   Artificer's tool belt for A$20
   Beeswax candle for 12p
   Brown velvet and vermine robe for A$15
   Fish carved from varnish for A$4.37
   Hobnailed boots for 37p
   Hooded wool robe for A$20
   Large satchel for A$2.50
   Lightable torch for 12p
   Old leaky quill for 10p
   Old staff for 80p
   Ornamented boots for A$23.75
   Pointy wizard shoes for 25p
   Ritual belt for A$25
   Ritual gauntlets for A$40
   Second-hand lab robe for A$2.50
   Sequinned wizard's hat for A$3
   Silver medallion for A$7.50
   Silver necklace for A$3
   Small knife for 12p
   Small string bag (small bag of crystals) for A$1.50 (Notes: Number and colour of crystals may vary)
   Thaumometer for A$25