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The guildhouse armoury

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Location: Musketeers' Guild, Dauphin Street, Genua.

This shop sells...
   Black armoured stockings for 7,33Gl
   Black embroidered musketeers' skirt for 3,6,0Gf
   Black leather trousers for 5,0Gl
   Black leather whip for 5,0,0Gf
   Black lute case for 1,6,0Gf
   Black velvet cape for 4,1,0Gf
   Brown linen shirt for 60Gc
   Colichemarde for 6,6,66Gf
   Dagger scabbard for 10Gc
   Dark glossy lute for 8,0,0Gf
   Dark red dress for 1,2,0Gf
   Double-edged broad sword for 5,0,0Gf
   Duelling dagger for 2,6,66Gf
   Duelling gloves for 4,0Gl
   Duelling sword for 2,6,66Gf
   Embroidered black velvet cape for 4,1,0Gf
   Epee for 1,3,33Gf
   Fencing dagger for 4,0Gl
   Fine sabre for 1,6,6,66Gd
   Foil for 3,33Gl
   Foil scabbard for 50Gc
   Glaive for 2,6,66Gf
   Glossy black riding boots for 1,0,0Gf
   Hard leather boots for 20Gc
   Heavy black velvet dress for 2,0,66Gf
   Lacy little nothing for 2,0,0Gf
   Leather bevor for 4,0Gl
   Leather breeches for 33Gc
   Leather gloves for 83Gc
   Leather jacket for 33Gc
   Long black duelling coat for 6,0,0Gf
   Long black velvet skirt for 2,0,0Gf
   Long rosy pink skirt for 5,0,0Gf
   Long wooden javelin for 1,33Gl
   Midnight blue musketeer's tabard for 3,7,66Gf
   Midnight blue velvet riding habit for 1,0,0Gf
   No. 12 throwing knife for 1,0,0Gf
   Plumed tricorn for 7,0Gl
   Rapier for 5,0Gl
   Rapier scabbard for 2,66Gl
   Red lace Genuan knickers for 1,3,33Gf
   Red satin garter for 3,66Gl
   Red satin push-up bra for 8,4,0Gf
   Red silk shirt for 5,0Gl
   Sabre scabbard for 1,6,66Gf
   Scarlet musketeer's tabard for 4,1,0Gf
   Silver locket for 1,6,66Gf
   Small ivory pick for 3,0Gl
   Sword necklace for 5,66Gl
   Tight shorts for 1,50Gl
   Tight-fitting white breeches for 1,6,0Gf
   White ruffled shirt for 2,66Gl