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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with L...
lab gloveslab goggleslace bonnetlace garterlace jabotlace mantillalace-edged fanlace-trimmed bathing caplace-up ladies' bootslaced black leather bodicelaced sandalslaced-up leather breastplatelacquered black chopstickslacquered calligraphy brushlacquered canopy bedlacquered caselacquered handpainted vaselacquered teak chest of drawerslacquered umbrella standlacquered wooden chopstickslacy <colour> brassierelacy <colour> briefslacy black garterlacy black garterlacy black garterlacy black negligeelacy black sandalslacy bloomerslacy blouselacy little nothinglacy pink dresslacy white camisolelacy white summer frocklacy wool shawlladderback chairladies' basketwork sandalsladleLady Sung's antique Auriental tapestrylady's kimonolamb choplamb meallamb skin capelamplampstandLancrastian coffee tableLancrastian harvest basketLancrastian samplerLancrastrian lettuceLancre bagpipeLancre Blackheart appleLancre Blue Vein cheeseLancre Green tunicLancre mint cakeLancre sixpenceLancre thruppencelanternlapis filigree earringslapis lazuli penholderlarge <colour> bottlelarge "Rosemary's Psalm" posterlarge "The Lucky Bastard Part I: Destiny and Doom" posterlarge "The Lucky Bastard Part I: Destiny and Doom" posterlarge amber crystallarge amethyst crystallarge amethyst navel studlarge amphoralarge aquamarine crystallarge ash tablelarge Auriental vaselarge axelarge B'cket's bucketlarge backpacklarge barrellarge battered suitcaselarge black bottle (bottle of Ephebian sweet wine)large black bottle (bottle of scumble)large black tablelarge black towellarge blank stencillarge blue and sand coloured carpetbaglarge blue bottlelarge blue bottle (bottle of Old Seadog's Rum)large blue overallslarge bone needlelarge box of crossbow boltslarge brass gonglarge brown bottlelarge brown bottlelarge brown bottle (bottle of Jimkin Bearhugger's Old Selected Dragon's Blood Whiskey)large brown bottle (bottle of Stardrip Plum Brandy)large brown glass bottle (bottle of absinthe)large brown glass bottle (bottle of Seadogs Rum)large bucketlarge bucketlarge bunch of flowerslarge butchering knifelarge canopic jarlarge ceramic muglarge clay bowllarge clear bottlelarge clear bottle (bottle of Black Death Vodka)large clear bottle (bottle of blood fix)large clear bottle (bottle of Ephebian white wine)large clear bottle (Vodka)large clove of garliclarge cobalt blue bottlelarge copper tublarge cracked bottle (potion for stultus adventurers)large crimson kimonolarge crossbowlarge crystallarge crystalline amethyst bottlelarge earth coloured bottle (bottle of Turbot's Really Odd)large emerald crystallarge firecrackerlarge fishlarge fishing netlarge glass jam jarlarge glass jarlarge glass jar (jar of honey)large gob stopperlarge golden gobletlarge gourdlarge green bottlelarge green bottle (bottle of anti-vampire goo)large green bottle (bottle of beer)large green bottle (bottle of Djeric's Melon Liqueur)large green bottle (bottle of Ephebian red wine)large green bottle (bottle of Quirmian red wine)large green conchlarge green glass bottle (Genuan red wine)large green suitcaselarge grey mushroomlarge grey waxed paper packetlarge haddocklarge hag stonelarge iron keylarge jade coloured bottlelarge jarlarge jar (jar of sugar)large jet crystallarge leather bootslarge lemonlarge light green bottlelarge light lilac bottlelarge loaf of breadlarge loaf of breadlarge loaf of breadlarge lobsterlarge mahogany chestlarge mahogany chest of drawerslarge metal shieldlarge monarch yellow bottlelarge non-puce conchlarge oak boardlarge oak wardrobelarge oinochoelarge olivelarge olpelarge opaque mandarin bottlelarge paint brushlarge paint brushlarge pair of chopstickslarge pale blue bottlelarge pearlescent white bottlelarge peridot bottlelarge pickaxelarge piece of cigarette paperlarge piece of steaklarge pine boardlarge pine coffinlarge pine shelflarge pine tablelarge pipettelarge polished luggagelarge pomelolarge printed towellarge protest signlarge purple bottlelarge purple bottle (bottle of bite cure)large Ramtops maplarge red bottlelarge red potlarge red-striped towellarge rosewood jewellery boxlarge round stonelarge royal green towellarge rubber duckylarge ruby crystallarge rusty keylarge sand white and ivy green carpetbaglarge sapphirelarge satchellarge scimitarlarge shiny luggagelarge snowglobelarge snowglobelarge snowglobelarge steel keylarge stencilling spongelarge straw hatlarge straw sombrerolarge succulent figlarge swirling white bottlelarge tankardlarge tasselled luggagelarge thick bottle (potion for excordis adventurers)large throwing hatchetlarge timpanilarge transparent pink bottlelarge trophylarge turquoise bottlelarge varnished luggagelarge walnutlarge watermelonlarge waxed paper packetlarge white egglarge white towellarge white towellarge wood ovenlarge wooden chestlarge wooden clublarge wooden shieldlarge yellow bottle (bottle of Sung Lemonade)large yellow bottle (bottle of wolf repell)large yellow potlarge yellow towellarge, azure stained glass bottlelarge, green glass bottle (Ephebian Retsina)large, green glass bottle (Ephebian sparkling white wine)large, green glass bottle (Eritor Eldorado white wine)large, green glass bottle (Gouldin's red wine)large, green glass bottle (Gouldin's white wine)large, green glass bottle (Laotan red wine)lark's tonguelasagnelatticed shoji screenlatticed shoji screenlaughing Buddha statuelaurel wreathlava lamplavender amethyst earringslavender amethyst navel studlavender garlandlavender lace bridesmaid gownlavender lace cap with veillavender scented candlelayered dresslead false noseleaf green amphoraleaf of boldotleaf of riceleaf-bladed daggerleather apronleather apronleather armbandleather armband pouchleather aviation hatleather bevorleather bootsleather boots with heelsleather boxer shortsleather breastplateleather breechesleather carryallleather corner sofaleather cowlleather dress shoesleather g-stringleather glovesleather gorgetleather greavesleather jacketleather jerkinleather kiltleather miniskirtleather overallsleather protectiveleather robeleather sandalsleather shirtleather shoesleather shoesleather skirtleather skirtleather sofaleather staysleather stripleather thongleather undershirtleather vambracesleather waistcoatleather walletleather walletleather whipleather whipleather-bound bookleather-bound spearledgerleggy chestlemon flavoured klatchian delightlemon sandalslemon thymelength of black chainlength of cheesewirelength of stringleopard skinleopard skin loinclothleopard-print pantiesleopard-print push-up bralepinyalettucelianlight blue charmeuse skirtlight blue dresslight blue linen gownlight blue silk backpacklight blue smocklight blue sofalight blue tuniclight cotton jacketlight cotton trouserslight grey cotton kesalight grey hatlight grey silk backpacklight yellow silk kimonolightable torchlighting bolt stick-on appliquelightweight <colour> linen shirtlightweight <colour> linen skirtlightweight <colour> linen trouserslightweight bamboo fighting stafflightweight daggerlily of the valleyline of shark teethlinen baglinen kiltlinen quilting blocklinen squarelinen-bound booklinzeraugelion pawslion pelt towellion's head ringlion's mane cloaklion-dog ringlion-skin capeliquorice lacelittle black dresslittle black satin dresslittle brown bottlelittle brown imp (wearable imp)little paper bag (bag of almonds)little paper bag (bag of black olives)little paper bag (bag of brown olives)little paper bag (bag of grapes)little paper bag (bag of green olives)little paper bag (bag of Kalamata olives)little paper bag (bag of large olives)little paper bag (bag of medium olives)little paper bag (bag of Picholine olives)little white turbanlizard's tailLlamedese cloakLlamedese knot pattern stick-on appliqueLlamedese shawlLlamedese woollen tunicloaded eight-sided dieloaded four-sided dieloaded one-hundred-sided dieloaded six-sided dieloaded ten-sided dieloaded twelve-sided dieloaded twenty-sided dieloaf of breadloaf of breadloaf of breadloaf of brown breadloaf of carrot breadloaf of cheese breadloaf of corn breadloaf of farmhouse breadloaf of garlic breadloaf of herbed breadloaf of honey oat breadloaf of sourdough breadlobsterlobster biblobster crackerlobster potlobster rolllockpicklog cabinlollipoplong <colour> Auriental dresslong black candlelong black coatlong black coatlong black duelling coatlong black hooped skirtlong black leather cloaklong black velvet cloaklong black velvet dresslong black velvet skirtlong brass banded stakelong brass hatpinlong dark cloaklong dark leather cloaklong dark wiglong dove grey skirtlong emerald sashlong grey sockslong johnslong licorice bootlacelong mahogany barlong midnight black skirtlong oak planklong pale lilac skirtlong pale yellow skirtlong pine planklong pine planklong pine stakelong pipelong pleated brides dresslong red gauzy skirtlong rolllong rose enamelled coffee tablelong rosy pink skirtlong royal blue skirtlong shamisenlong slitted cinnamon brocade skirtlong striped scarflong swordlong sword scabbardlong tartan scarflong trench coatlong trenchcoatlong white candlelong white parsniplong white sockslong white wandlong wooden javelinlong, sharp hatpinlong, thin needlelongevity necklacelongtail oblique penloofahlooped nose ringloose black cotton pantsloose red trousersloose white linen trousersloose-fitting black trouserslopsided beretLord Hong SpecialLord Sung's bamboo back scratcherlotus flower akomelotus flower bedlotus leaflotus-shaped lanternloud striped waistcoatlove heart necklacelow bamboo chairlow bamboo tablelow glass tablelow hexagonal tablelow pine tablelow wooden chairlowback spindle armchairlucious dark red tomatoLucky Mantra Stonelucky monkey pawlucky nephrite amuletlucky whalebone token necklaceluggage trunkslumplump of charcoallump of coallump of copper orelump of goat's milk cheeselump of iron orelump of lead orelump of sodalump of toffeelump of waxlumpy bedraggled wizard's pointy hatluteluxurious coffin-bedluxurious ivory bath towellyre