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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with P...
packet of glitterpadded aketonpadded fundoshipadded leather jacketpadded leather trouserspadded manchirupadded monk's robepadded slippadded tabipadded woolen kaftanpaduak coffee tablepagoda-style parlour stovepaint brushpaint-stained wandpaintbrushpaintbrushpaintbrushpainted banglepainted canvas slip-on shoespainted cashmere togapainted landscapepainted linen quilting blockpainted red mahogany chestpainted terracotta statue of a horsepainted terracotta statue of an aristocratpainted white mantelpiecepainter's smockpainting of a cluster of peoniespainting of a countryside riverpainting of a dragonpainting of a fiery plum blossom branchpainting of a fisherman with his daily catchpainting of a flock of ducks in a lotus pondpainting of a landscape near BhangBhangDucpainting of a misty mountain rangepainting of a scholar and a goosepainting of a sunset over Bes Pelargicpainting of a windmillpainting of a young woman playing the recorderpainting of peasants bringing in a harvestpainting of the battle of the witchespainting of the defeat of Lilithpainting of the fairy-tale Genuapainting of the palace of Genuapainting of the Ramtopspainting of three stalks of bamboopair of tracksuit trouserspair of trainersPalace Guard dress attirePalace Guard ensemblePalace Guards coat of arms stick-on appliquepale blue beach towelpale blue felt bathrobepale blue silk stolepale blue skirtpale green candlepale green kikoypale green macepale kimonopale orange shirtpale spray bottlepale yellow batonpale yellow shirtpalm frond hatpamphletpamphletpanatela cigarpancakepanda t-bonepanda's furpanelled oak blanket boxpanpipepaperpaper bagpaper bag (bag of <flavour> flavoured Djeli beans)paper bag (bag of beeswax candles)paper bag (bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans)paper bag (bag of coffee beans)paper bag (bag of sugar lumps)paper bag (bag of sugar)paper bag (mixed bag of flavoured Djeli beans)paper bag (packet of gravel)paper cuppaper cuppaper cup (cup of acorn coffee)paper cup (cup of cappuccino)paper cup (cup of flat white)paper cup (cup of genuan coffee)paper cup (cup of hot chocolate)paper cup (cup of klatchian quicky)paper cup (cup of latte)paper cup (cup of morka deklatch)paper cup (cup of morka)paper cup (small paper cup of black coffee)paper cup (small paper cup of espresso)paper cup (small paper cup of klatchian coffee)paper cup of stewed, cold teapaper garland dragonpaper lab shoespaper netpaper pouch (Jolly Sailor tobacco)paper pouch (Klatchian Special Tobacco)paper pouch (Two-Hump tobacco)papers boxparasolparlourmaid's dressparrot earringparrot maskparsleyparty hatpassion fruitpassways boardpastel pink dresspatched floral towelpatched smockpatched tweed trouserspatchy cotton sockspatent barometric chronographpatent leather kid bootspattern of flowering daisies stick-on appliquepatterned white damask obipawprint bathrobepea bag frogpeach blossom cravatpeach perfume bottlepeach pumpspeach satin pantiespeach slippeacock embroidered vestpeacock maskpeacock tailpeacock's tailpeaked cappeaked cappeaked cappeanut chocolate barpearl braceletpearl crown with illusion veilpearl earringspearl hat with celadon chiffon bowPearl River bowlpearl silk high heelspearl studded silk slipperspearl white silk sandalspearl-handled letter openerpearl-trimmed celadon bridesmaid dresspearl-white cheongsampearly pink silk kimonopearwood-handled paint brushpeasant painting of a spring outingpeasant robepeasant trouserspebble grey chitonpebble on a chainpebble-grey leather sandalspecan nutpedestal tablepeeled potatopekinese muzzlepellet of honkpencil of <colour> eyelinerpepperloafpeppermintpeppermint surprisepercussion primerpercussion sheet musicperfecto cigarperhaps gate pendantperidot earringsperidot ringperiwigperiwinklepersonal disorganiserpet brushpet collarpet collarpet rockpetal pink formal kimonopetit fourspetite green cabbage (wearable cabbage)pewter balancepewter crane braceletpewter gobletpewter name tagpewter tankardpewter trophypharaoh head meerschaum pipephillips head screwdriverphoenix clawpiano wirepicholine olivepickaxepickled goose eggpickled vine leafpicture framepicture framepicture framepicture framepiece of <colour> rock candypiece of <colour>-edged writing paperpiece of blank wrapping paperpiece of candle wickpiece of clangpiece of crisp white tissue paperpiece of deep sea-blue packaging paperpiece of dried fishpiece of fine-grade sandpaperpiece of firewoodpiece of fluffpiece of foamy white packaging paperpiece of frayed stringpiece of fruit cakepiece of garbagepiece of graveyard cakepiece of greasy baconpiece of lor mai gaipiece of plain brown packaging paperpiece of plain tissue paperpiece of plain white packaging paperpiece of potter's claypiece of red claypiece of red paperpiece of scrunched up paperpiece of sea-green packaging paperpiece of seahorse patterned packaging paperpiece of silvery packaging paperpiece of steakpiece of the Blessed Linepiece of Uberwald cherry gateaupiece of writing paperpiece of writing paperpiece of writing paper with <colour> edgespierrot hatpig snoutpig tailpig-faced bascinetpile of cream-coloured brocade cushionspile of dark burgundy velvet cushionspile of sunny yellow cotton cushionspile of white and blue cotton cushionspile of wolf nipple chipsPillow Bookpinpin cushionpinch of cinnabarpinch of dog hairpine bedside tablepine bonsai treepine bookshelfpine coffinpine display casepine mirrorpine plank (medium-length pine plank)pine wandpine wardrobepink "#1 Idler" mugpink "Don't drink and fly" mugpink "Lord of Darkness" mugpink and black striped anacondapink and blue argyle knee sockspink and blue cherry blossom fanpink babydoll stilettoespink bathing suitpink bobby socks with lace trimpink carnationpink carnation buttonholepink cascade bridal bouquetpink cherry-blossoms cheongsam toppink conchpink cotton wedding dresspink crystal ringpink doughnutpink embroidered kimonopink face coveringpink featherpink feather boapink fish dollPink Fishie ice cream conepink fluffy earringpink fluffy handcuffspink fluffy pursepink fluffy walletpink furry wing cosypink gingham silk flower girl dresspink hair ribbonpink hand-tied bridal bouquetpink kitten carpetbagpink lab coatpink lacy pantiespink leather chokerpink leather kitten-heeled shoespink mandarin hatpink perfume bottle (bottle of red rose perfume)pink powdered wigpink ribbonpink ribboned bloomerspink sea-shellpink seashellpink shimmery skirtpink silk fundoshipink silk wedding dresspink taffeta dresspink three tier wedding cakepink tinted sunglassespink twisty ankletpink velvet bikini pantiespint glasspint glass (pint of beer)pint glass (pint of cider)pint glass of beerpint glass of ciderpint glass of Morporkian beerpint glass of pear ciderpint glass of rice beerpinwheel column stovepinwheel fireworkpipe-cleanerpipipirate flagpirate's capepirate's hatpirate's jacketpirate's shirtPishe statuePishe tapestrypitcherPith Helmetplaid jacketplain <colour> shirtplain <colour> skirtplain <colour> trousersplain black bustierplain black dressplain black robeplain brass music standplain chairplain dressplain guttrahplain leather bootsplain linen corsetplain linen kiltplain linen robeplain navy blouseplain navy shirtplain navy trousersplain packageplain paint brushplain pine bedplain sandalsplain short swordplain silver cuff-linksplain white braplain white cotton blouseplain white robeplain white t-shirtplain white thobeplain wool togaplain, grey suit jacketplank with a nail in itplateplate of nutsplatinum betrothal ringplatinum butterfly braceletplatinum charm braceletplatinum chocolate boxplatinum gongplatinum pendantplatinum viper wristletplatinum water buffaloplatinum-framed spectaclesplay swordplaying cardplaywright's handbookplaywright's handbook (Agatean edition)playwright's handbook (Djelian edition)pleasant blue flowerpleated <colour> evening dress (Silken Goddess)pleated black linen skirtpleated blue hakamapleated red hakamapleated white linen dressploughshareplum and violet bathing suitplum lace brassiereplum lace pantiesplumed bronze helmplumed imperial helmetplumed tricornplump cabbageplump seven-handed demonplump sofaplump tomatoplump turnipplungerpocket watchpodpogo stickpointy bathing cappointy black hatpointy black hatpointy black slipperspointy hat bedpointy rubber earspointy stonepointy white hatpointy white slipperspointy witch's hatpointy wizard shoespointy wizard's hatpointy-toed slipperspokerpolished black shoespolished gold medalpolished gold necklacepolished mahogany stickpolished turtle shellpolished walnut deskpolished white shoespolka-dot polka shoespollaxponiardPoo-Bah Mirrorporcelain braceletporcelain dishporcelain Fang teacupporcelain hedgehogporcelain lion boxporcelain top hatpinporcelain vaseporcelain wall fanpork and alligator sausageporraceous sprouter cabbageport glass (port)portable running water shieldportholeportion of cockles in cream sauceportion of dolmadakiaportion of haloumiportion of jellied eelportrait of a young boy fishingportrait of a young woman by a pondportrait of a young woman with a fanportrait of Duke Tacticusportrait of Lady Lilith de Tempscireportrait of Queen Grimnir the Impalerposh black forn silk dress with sequinsposh black robepostal cardpostal card (personal postal card)postcard (bazaar postcard)postcard (harbour postcard)postcard (oasis postcard)postcard (pyramid postcard)postcard (stoning ground postcard)postcard (tomb postcard)postcard (tomb postcard)postcard of Sliceposter of Ankh-Morporkposter of Droolila the Dryadposter of Klatchposter of the Circle Sea areaposy of white orchidspot of bubble mixturepot of Lancrastian violetspot of wallpapering gluepotato onna stringpotato peelerpotted cabbagepotted fernpotted fuchsiapotted silk cabbage plantpotted silk fernpotted silk fuchsia plantpotted silk spider plantpottery brushpouched black leather beltpound of mature Rincewindpowder blue amphorapowder blue silk kimonopowder-blue bathing suitpowdered frogprawn earringprawns onna stickprayer beadsprayer bookprayer book (Fish)prayer book (Fish)prayer book (Fish)prayer book (Gapp)prayer book (Gapp)prayer book (Gapp)prayer book (Gufnork)prayer book (Gufnork)prayer book (Gufnork)prayer book (Hat)prayer book (Hat)prayer book (Hat)prayer book (Pishe)prayer book (Pishe)prayer book (Pishe)prayer book (Random God)prayer book (Sandelfon)prayer book (Sandelfon)prayer book (Sandelfon)prayer book (Sek)prayer book (Sek)prayer book (Sek)prayer book (Sek)pretty necklacepretty wooden wind chimepretzel stakepriest's robepriest's sandalspriestsprim setteeprimrose yellow cutaway jacketprint of Bowl of Fruitprint of Call Me Daisyprint of Chariots of Fireprint of Counting Sheepprint of Hemp Fandangoprint of Robinprint of the Mona Oggprint of Up Close and Personal with Irisprint of Wildrideprinted cotton quilting block (souvenir quilting block)printed cotton quilting block (souvenir quilting block)printed cotton quilting block (souvenir quilting block)printed mappristine statue of a marble goddesspristine white togaprivy keyprop swordProsperity Fishpruning shearsptourist pturbanpuffy black silk blouse with bat-shaped buttonspumice incense burnerpumpkinpumpkin chestpumpkin loafpunschkrapfenpuppy collarpure white batonpure white lab coatpurple "Mrs Plenty - sample her tasty wares!" t-shirtpurple and black himationpurple and violet carpetbagpurple and yellow striped hatpurple ankle bootspurple batonpurple colouring bookpurple eagle tabardpurple feather boapurple fish fanpurple leather shoespurple lightning fireworkpurple mineral nuggetpurple parade jacketpurple perfume bottle (bottle of exotic ylang ylang perfume)purple rosepurple rosepurple sapphire ringpurple sashpurple sashpurple sea-shellpurple silk corsetpurple sockspurple thigh-high stockingspurple velvet shirtpurple violetpurple-black sashpurple-black shirtpurple-black trouserspurple-bordered togapush broompush-up breastplatepuzuma maskpyramid keyringpyramide cigar