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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with F...
faded blue himationfaded red jerkinfairy stickfairy wingsfake beardfake breastsfake bull hornsfake flowerfake horse poofake moustachefake nosefalcatafalcata scabbardfalchionfalse beardfalse moustachefamily sized Magrat loaffanfan-shaped paint brushfancy green cardfancy guttrahfancy leather sporranfancy pirate costumefancy ringmaster's bootsfancy ringmaster's jacketfancy ringmaster's top hatfancy ringmaster's trousersfancy silk gownfancy thobeFang family kimonofarmer's clockfarmhouse cheesefarmstead bowlfast-acting needle trapfat paint brushfat stogiefat walletfawn cotton trousersfawnskin leggingsFBI badgefearless hero glove puppetfearless hero marionette puppetfeather boafeather dusterfemale fighter keyringfencing daggerfencing glovesfestive beach towelfeta cheesefiddle-back chairfield mushroomfigfig cheesecakefigginfiligree hairpinfiligreed rowan casefilleting knifefilmy, clinging, billowing harem trousersfilthy overcoatfine <colour> linen outer robe (Random IIL Order)fine <colour> linen under robe (Random IIL Order)fine black and red qipaofine black trousersfine cambric handkerchieffine cambric shirtfine grey ashfine indulgencefine oak and redwood coffinfine paint brushfine pearl chopsticksfine redwood pet coffinfine rosewood music standfine sabrefine sabre scabbardfine silk robefine white ashfinely crafted fireplacefingerless glovesfingerless leather glovesfinikiafir bonsai treefire crackerFirewater Flounderfirm plumFirst Flight tussie mussiefirst panel of the Cohen tapestryfish carved from varnishFish FingersFish Floaterfish ringfish'n'chipsfishbowl with crackled blue enamelfisherman's sweaterfishing netfishing netfishing rodfishy flippersfitted black jacketfitted red coatflame coloured chitonflame gold chitonflame nose studflaming passionflaming pink perfume bottleflaming red dressflannel badgerflannel turbanflared black linen trousersflared white dress trousersflat breadflat capflat leather shoesflat paper boxflat stoneflatironflatulent water buffalo cardflatulus loafflaxen linen gownflea tabletflimsy black boxer briefsflimsy black silk vest with embroidered moonsflimsy door lock packageflint stoneflintstone bagelfloatiesfloor-length black leather dressfloppy blue fishing hatfloppy dog earsfloppy flip-flopsfloppy hatFloppy Madmanfloppy straw hatfloral embroidery pattern book (floral patterns embroidery book)floral sundressflounderflourfloury wigflower basketflower fairy cameo pendantflower necklaceFlowering Quince bonsai treeflowery bonnetflowery bowlflowery cotton dressflowery dressflowery headscarfflowery plateflowery wigflowing beige cloakflowing black cloakflowing black dressflowing black leather coatflowing silk kaftanflowing yukatafluffy azure towelfluffy bathing suitfluffy bathing trunksfluffy beauty bagfluffy black bathrobefluffy blue sofafluffy braceletfluffy bunny earsfluffy bunny tailfluffy cat earsfluffy cat tailfluffy cloakfluffy coffee tablefluffy crinolinefluffy crinolinefluffy dragonfluffy embroidered bathrobefluffy fox earsfluffy fox tailfluffy Gufnork figurinefluffy headbandfluffy helmetfluffy lip studfluffy moosefluffy pink sweaterfluffy pink towelfluffy silver necklacefluffy sofafluffy stuffed werewolffluffy sugared zeppolafluffy white towelflute glassflying sickleflying swallow thimblefoilfoil scabbardfolded paper trousersfondant pyramidfood blenderforest green caneforest green chitonforget-me-notform-fitting woollen tightsformal Barbarian attireformal black silk kimonoformal black skirtformal black trousersformal black velvet sashformal cream mojarisformal embroidered linen sherwaniformal Klatchian Foreign Legion dress jacketformal Palace Guards' dinner jacketformal Palace Guards' dress trousersformal robeformal tartan kiltformal zebra hide loinclothfossilised saladfouled nightshirtfour leaf clover stick-on appliquefour poster scarab bedfour-leafed cloverfour-sided diefour-tier chocolate wedding cakefourth panel of the Cohen tapestryfox furfox fur stoleframed page from an illuminated manuscriptfrayed trousersfresh flower wedding crownfresh herringfreshwater pearl braceletfreshwater pearl earringsfreshwater pearl necklacefreshwater pearl tiaraFreudian slipfried dumplingfried eggfried lobsterfried slicefriendly blue puppy swim ringfrilled black skirtfrilly bathing costumefrilly black and white rufffrilly bloomersfrilly white frockfrog broochfrog candlefrog green towelfrog tailfrog's legs onna stickfruit basketfruit bowlfruit cakefruit loaffruit tartfrying panfrying panfuchsia bikini bottomfuchsia silk kimonofudge piecefull black velvet cloak with dark red silk liningfull-length brown leather trenchcoatfull-length brown leather trenchcoatfundoshiFuneral tussie mussieFung Shooey bookfunny looking carrotfunny monkey towelfur-lined brown leather bootsfur-lined leather bootsfur-lined leather cap with earflapsfurry bootsfurry green gooseberryfurry grey mousefurry leggingsfurry Pinkfish dollfuzzy blue slippersfuzzy drop-bearfuzzy lion