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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with D...
D'reg wedding dressD'reg wedding necklacedaggerdaggerdagger scabbarddainty black ankle bootsdaiquiri glass (daiquiri)daisy chaindaisy flowered flowing wedding gowndamp Pishe dolldancing camel embroidery patterndancing frogdandeliondandeliondaodao guarddark blue bathing suitdark blue coatdark blue headbanddark blue kimonodark blue pyjamas with printed yellow stars and moonsdark blue silk cushiondark blue tricorndark brown trousersdark brown velvet hosedark cherry wood tabledark chocolate liqueur milk chocolate pralinedark crimson woollen himationdark glassesdark glossy lutedark green artichokedark green cheongsamdark green froggy swim ringdark green obidark green robedark green silk stoledark green skirtdark green-blue boxer shorts with a variety of colourful fishdark grey bootsdark grey cloakdark grey cutaway jacketdark grey dress tails jacketdark grey dress trousersdark grey jacketdark grey moleskin tailsdark grey silk shirtdark grey trousersdark grey tunicdark hooded cloakdark lavender leather folderdark lavender uniformdark leather leggingsdark orange silk stoledark over-robedark purple gothic dressdark purple leather trousersdark red candledark red candledark red cotton kesadark red dressdark red fezdark red sword scabbarddark red tunicdark rosedark ruby nipple ringdark shadesdark shurikendark skirtdark stiff black leather bootsdark sunglassesdark walnut dresserdark-bladed poniarddarkened leather tricorndarkened pendantdarkened togadartdashing cream hat with featherdazzling showgirl costumedazzling silvery blue woollen himationdazzling white dressdead chickendead duckdead eeldead mouseDeath-In-The-Boxdeck of caroc cardsdecorative armoiredecorative black sashdecorative domed ringdecorative harpsichorddecorative macedecorative map of Genuadecorative map of Klatchdecorative map of the Ramtopsdecorative map of Uberwalddecorative pen holderdecorative Tang platedecorative whalebone combdecorative wooden axedeep blue armchairdeep blue cotton kesadeep blue fountain pendeep blue leather folderdeep blue silk stoledeep blue silk trousersdeep blue sofadeep blue woollen himationdeep brown candledeep cerulean linen robedeep cobalt robedeep crimson lace dressdeep crimson robedeep green Auriental skirtdeep green cutaway jacketdeep grey seamed stockingsdeep grey velvet vestmentdeep orange silk satcheldeep plum kimonodeep purple hooded bathrobedeep purple tunicdeep purple velvet shirtdeep purple velvet trousersdeep red garnet rose pendantdeep red silk backpackdeep red silk mulesdeep red trousersdeep violet perfume bottledeflated <colour> balloon (one of Mr Sonky's finest)deflated pink balloondeformed ponydelicate batiste wedding dressdelicate black dressdelicate black satin negligeedelicate black stilettodelicate black toweldelicate chiffon belly dancer veil with silver sequinsdelicate cream-filled cannolodelicate dark grey robedelicate hyaline amuletdelicate jewelled sandalsdelicate kami haridelicate orchiddelicate pink cheongsamdelicate silver necklacedelicate sworddelicate white lace negligeedelightfully decorated box (a box of candied fruits)delightfully decorated box (a box of chocolate liqueurs)delightfully decorated box (a box of chocolate toffees)delightfully decorated box (a box of chocolate-covered coffee beans)delightfully decorated box (a box of dark chocolate truffles)delightfully decorated box (a box of milk chocolate truffles)delightfully decorated box (a box of mixed chocolate truffles)delightfully decorated box (a box of white chocolate truffles)deluxe lockpickdemon maskdemure black silk dressdemure black skirt suitdented penny whistledented tin jugdentist's headbanddentist's shirtdentist's trousersdesigner pursedesigner walletdessert dishdessert platedessert robedevilish pair of hornsdevotional painting of Fishdevotional painting of Gappdevotional painting of Gufnorkdevotional painting of Hatdevotional painting of Pishedevotional painting of Sandelfondevotional painting of Sekdiamond belly stonediamond chestDiamond City lilydiamond crown with cathedral veildiamond earringdiamond engagement ringdiamond inlaid lip ringdiamond ringdiamond row engagement ringdiamond star broochdiamond star chokerdiamond stud earringdiamond stud earringdiamond stud earringsdiamond tipped graving tooldiamond trinity engagement ringdiamond-patterned <colour> wicker chairdiamond-patterned <colour> wicker sofadiamond-soled shoesdiaphanous white gowndidgeridoodinky cement trophydinner forkdinner jacketdinner platedinner platedinner rolldirty green shortsdirty grey robedirty old sockdirty overallsdirty potatodirty shoveldirty striped shirtdisco duck black mini dressdiscreet black dressdiscreet signDiscworld mapdishDish of Glistening Brown StuffDish of Glistening Crunchy Orange StuffDish of Soft White Lumpsdisposable cameradivining bobDjelian aegisDjelian battle axedjelian clothing catalogueDjelian loincloth beltDjelian ptascpDjelian religious symbolDjelian shopping basketDjelian talentDjelian talonDjelian toonDjelibeybi souvenir bowlDjelibeybi souvenir jugDjelibeybi souvenir mugDjelibeybi souvenir pictureDjelibeybi souvenir plateDjelibeybi souvenir sculpturedo marudobachiDoburoku bottledocker's hookdog basketdog chowdog chow meindog clippersdog foo yungdog omelette and chipsdog sataydog sweaterdolldomino maskdoor hingedoor wedgedouble cross spruce screendouble handed sickledouble tung beddouble-edged broad sworddouble-headed battle axedouble-headed war axedoughnutdoughnutdove grey shawldozen red rosesdrab red robedrab trench coatdragon and wizard wall piecedragon bangledragon bowldragon charm necklacedragon egg candle holderdragon egg ink welldragon harpdragon head meerschaum pipeDragon Lady parlour stovedragon maskdragon rolldragon skin garterDragon With Pearl figurinedragon wrist sheathdragonfly wind chimedragonhead ringdramatic wild thyme suspender beltdrawknifedreamcatcherdress trousersdried bright red appledried comfreydried finger of the Prophet Bruthadried frog pilldried Gammer Smith appledried head from Patter of Pishedried juicy melondried octopusdried overripe plumdried red appledried seahorsedried yarrowdried yellow bananadriving glovesdromedary pretzeldrop-dead gorgeous midnight black briefsdrop-dead gorgeous pink and black briefsdrop-dead gorgeous scarlet briefsdrop-dead gorgeous twilight briefsdrop-dead gorgeous wild thyme briefsdropped sconedruidic beltDry-as-an-Ecksian coatduan jianducky bathing capduelling daggerduelling glovesduelling swordDuke of Llamedos check jacketdull bathrobedull gold silk high heelsdull grey batondull grey moulded daggerdummy dolldustbindusty blue himationdusty boxdusty green chitondusty lavender chitondusty linen shirtdwarf cakedwarfish axedwarfish gogglesDysk keyringDysk peppermintDysk shotglass