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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with B...
Baby Bamboo Shootsbaby blue dressbaby's dummybabydoll harlequin dressbachiback scabbardbackgammon boardbackless midnight black corsetbackward walking sheepBad Ass tourist pendantbadly printed t-shirtbadly-carved doorknobbadly-fitting suit jacketbadly-fitting suit trousersbadly-rolled cigarettebag of <size> cloves of garlicbag of boar scratchingsbag of candied fruitsbag of chocolate kissesbag of chocolate liqueursbag of chocolate toffeesbag of chocolate-covered coffee beansbag of coloured sweetiesbag of dark chocolate trufflesbag of jelly babiesbag of Klatchian coffee beansbag of milk chocolate trufflesbag of mixed chocolate trufflesbag of peanutsbag of Pin'Qi green teabag of ricebag of ricebag of sherbertbag of treacle toffeebag of walnutsbag of white chocolate trufflesbaggy baby nappybaggy black trousersbaggy clown pantsbaggy flannel knickersbaggy leather loinclothbaggy red trousersbaggy sailor's trousersbaggy trousersbaggy white t-shirtbaldricbale of blue silkbale of brown silkbale of gold silkbale of green silkbale of raw silkbale of red silkball of apple and walnut cheeseball of congealed sapball of gloppy brown mudball of golden yellow mudball of red mudball of smoked Llamedosballoon filled with whitewashbalsa wandbamboo bedside tablebamboo chestbamboo fishing polebamboo flutebamboo matchstick screenbamboo necklacebamboo plantbamboo plant standbamboo reed penbanana-patterned bathing capbandagebandage dispenserbandolierbanged grain weave basketbanjobar of beeswaxbar of chocolatebar of soapbar stoolBarbarian ensemblebarbarian harnessbarbed quillbarbed wire underwearbarrel umbrella standbasic door lock packagebasic furniture lock packagebasilbass hornbastard swordbastard sword scabbardbat guanobat wingsbath ticketbattered claymorebattered iron swordbattered metal tinbattered nodachibattered steel bucketbattered steel helmetbattered tin footbathbattered wren's liverbattleslugs gamebead earringsbead ringbeaded ankletbeaded belly chainbeaded braceletbeaded headbandbeaded hemp beltbeaded hemp braceletbeaded necklacebeaded octopusbeaded silk shawlbeaded starfishbearskin halter topbearskin loinclothbeautiful flower pinbeautiful glass orchidbeautiful kraterbeautiful red rosebeautiful silver hornbeaver coatBed of the Seven + One Veilsbedrock-inna-boxbedside cabinetbedside cabinetBeef in Black Bogbeekeeper's veilbeer bottlebeer tinbeer VI packbeeswax candlebeeswax candlebegging tinbeige bootsbeige canteenbeige fur-trimmed robebeige garlandbeige leather glovesbeige linen dressbeige soft-soled bootsbeige textile covered sofabeige trenchcoatbeige trousersbejewelled cutlassbejewelled sandalsbellbellbellbellflowerbelt loopberibboned hairpinBes Pelargian sculptureBes Pelargic arms permitBes Pelargic AtlasBes Pelargic mugbesoffener kapuzinerbifocalsbig black kimonobig cardboard boxbig crowbarbig hourglass (big sand hourglass)big hourglass (big water half-hour glass)big pair of spectaclesbig wooden boxbillowy maroon trousersBim Bambinderbirch balloonbirthday cakeBirthday tussie mussiebishamon gotebiwablack "Live, Laugh, Reasonably Priced Love" mugblack amphorablack anacondablack and gold armbandblack and gold fountain penblack and midnight bathing suitblack and midnight jumpsuitblack and white chequered beach towelblack and white harlequin maskblack and white harlequin outfitblack and white hooped waistcoatblack and white striped beach towelblack and wine red chitonblack ankle bootsblack apronblack armoured stockingsblack babydoll dressblack backpackblack badger-skin socksblack bag (furniture locking package)black baggy trousersblack bamboo blowpipeblack bandanablack bathing capblack beaver-pelt tricornblack beretblack binblack bokkenblack bookblack bootsblack bootsblack breechesblack briefcaseblack briefcaseblack brocade shirtblack brocade vestblack buckled shoesblack camerablack capri trousersblack captive hoop shortsblack cashmere long johnsblack ceramic ink jarblack ceramic mug of black coffeeblack ceramic mug of cappuccinoblack ceramic mug of Lancre coffeeblack ceramic mug of white coffeeblack check robeblack chequered kimonoblack cherry silk kimonoblack choker with a silver teardrop pendantblack chopsticksblack clarinetblack cloakblack cobra armbandblack coffee tableblack conchblack cotton beltblack cotton dressblack cotton gi pantsblack cotton quilting blockblack cotton topblack cotton turbanblack cotton underpantsblack cotton undershirtblack cuckoo clockblack cummerbundblack diamond navel studblack diamond nostril studblack domino maskblack double bedblack dragon fanblack dressblack dress pipeblack dress shoesblack dress shoesblack dress uniform trousersblack elbow-length glovesblack embroidered musketeers' skirtblack embroidered thobblack eyepatchblack eyepatchblack feather boablack fishnet stockingsblack fitted t-shirtblack flat capblack floral kimonoblack fluffy bed socksblack fluted wandblack foldout futonblack forest cakeblack fountain penblack frisbeeblack Genuan maid uniformblack gloveblack gold ringblack gossamer bodiceblack greatcoatblack handled ceremonial bronze knifeblack hooded cloakblack hooded cloakblack hooded wool cloakblack hunters' sandalsblack iron flailblack jeansblack juggling ballblack kabuto helmblack kid bootsblack kittenblack knee-high silk stockingsblack knee-length robeblack Kung Fu trousersblack lab gogglesblack lace balconette brablack lace chokerblack lace dressblack lace dressblack lace fishnet stockings with silk gartersblack lace Genuan knickersblack lace glovesblack lace shawlblack lace shawl with spiderweb motifblack lace teddyblack lace widow's dressblack lacquer coffinblack lacquer writing boxblack lacquered armchairblack lacquered pet coffinblack lacquered staffblack lambswool capblack leather armbandblack leather armbandblack leather armchairblack leather beltblack leather beltblack leather beltblack leather bootsblack leather bootsblack leather bootsblack leather brassiereblack leather chapsblack leather cinchblack leather dressblack leather eye patchblack leather fishnet stockingsblack leather folderblack leather frock-coatblack leather garterblack leather glovesblack leather greatcoatblack leather hat with a fishnet veilblack leather hotpantsblack leather jacketblack leather jerkinblack leather jumpsuitblack leather miniskirtblack leather shirtblack leather shoesblack leather shoesblack leather skirtblack leather slip-on shoesblack leather thigh bootsblack leather thigh sheathblack leather tooled vestblack leather trenchcoatblack leather trousersblack leather trousersblack leather whipblack leather wristbandblack leather wristwatchblack lecture padblack leverblack linen dinner jacketblack linen dressblack lute caseblack mail hauberkblack marble bagblack marble benchblack marble mantelpieceblack marble sundialblack metal medallionblack metal medallionblack midriff topblack mineral rockblack nightstandblack ninja maskblack obiblack obsidian staffblack octagonal plate (Auriental honey rice noodle salad)black octagonal plate (order of pork balls with warm sauce)black octogram ringblack onyx cufflinksblack orchidblack ostrich featherblack patent leather corsetblack pearlblack pearl earringsblack perfume bottleblack perfume bottle (bottle of the scent of deadly nightshade musk)black pinaforeblack pinstripe trousersblack plumed hatblack pocket watchblack pointy hatblack potblack puddingblack pumpsblack ribbonblack robeblack roseblack rubber trousersblack samite robeblack samite vestmentblack sandalsblack satin corsetblack satin cutaway dressblack satin garterblack satin gloves with the fingertips cut outblack satin high heelsblack satin midriff shirtblack satin pantiesblack satin push-up brablack scarab keyringblack sequined miniskirtblack sequinned high heeled sandalsblack sequinned purseblack shafted maceblack shellblack shirtblack silk akomeblack silk backpackblack silk balaclavablack silk bandanablack silk bathing trunksblack silk beanbagblack silk bikini underwearblack silk bow-tieblack silk bow-tieblack silk brablack silk brassiereblack silk capeblack silk carryallblack silk cheongsamblack silk cloakblack silk cloakblack silk coatblack silk corsetblack silk cravatblack silk cummerbundblack silk cushionblack silk dressblack silk evening bagblack silk evening dressblack silk evening socksblack silk fedorablack silk fundoshiblack silk garterblack silk gibusblack silk kimonoblack silk kimonoblack silk knee breechesblack silk nightdressblack silk nightshirtblack silk pantiesblack silk pointy hat with a veilblack silk pyjamasblack silk qipaoblack silk ribbonblack silk sashblack silk sashblack silk scarfblack silk shirtblack silk shoesblack silk skirtblack silk socksblack silk socksblack silk stockingsblack silk tieblack silk top hatblack silk top hatblack silk top hatblack silk top hatblack silk top hatblack silk trousersblack silk trousersblack silk umbrellablack silk veilblack silk vestblack silk waistcoatblack silk zubonblack silver studded carpetbagblack single bedblack singletblack slacksblack slipblack soft-soled bootsblack soft-soled bootsblack soft-soled bootsblack sowrongblack spiral kimonoblack square bathtubblack square-toed bootsblack steel charm braceletblack stompy bootsblack striped kimonoblack studded bootsblack stylish trousersblack suede bootsblack suede glovesblack suit jacketblack suit jacketblack suit trousersblack suit trousersblack suspendersblack tambourineblack textile covered sofablack tieblack tieblack top hatblack toy ballblack travelling cloakblack trenchcloakblack trenchcoatblack tricornblack trousersblack trousersblack trousersblack trousersblack trumpetblack tunicblack tuxedo jacketblack tuxedo trousersblack umbrellablack undershirtblack undershirtblack veilblack velvet and vermine robeblack velvet bodiceblack velvet bodice with embroidered ravensblack velvet capeblack velvet capeblack velvet chokerblack velvet coat and tailsblack velvet dressblack velvet dress jacketblack velvet dress suitblack velvet dress trousersblack velvet pantsblack velvet peplosblack velvet portrait dressblack velvet ribbonblack velvet slippersblack velvet tailsblack velvet top hatblack velvet trousersblack velvet trousersblack velvet trousersblack velvet waistcoatblack violinblack wellingtonsblack wide-brimmed hatblack wide-brimmed hatblack widow emblem embroidery patternBlack Widow House black silk underwearBlack Widow House scarfblack widow keyringblack widow maskblack widow ringblack widow topped cedar caneblack witch's cloakblack wooden boxblack wooden coffin tableblack wool cloakblack wool dressblack wool socksblack wool trousersblack wool trousers with braid side trimblack wool two-button dinner jacketblack woollen nightcapblack woollen stockingsblackberry pieblackened canteenblackened daoblackened katanablackened kunaiblackened lockpickblackened metal tinblackened ninjatoblackened silver mirrorblackened steel knifeblackened stilettoblackened wakizashiblackthorn staffbladder-onna-stickbladeblank cardblank quilting blockblanketblindfoldblock of blue-veined Quirmblock of cheddar cheeseblock of cherry woodblock of ebony woodblock of folded mint cheeseblock of maple woodblock of sulphurblock of walnut woodblock of woodblonde lace ruffled hatblonde lace wedding gownblonde wigblonkerblood caked high-heel shoesblood red cloakblood red cotton quilting blockblood red glovesblood red high heeled shoesblood red silk cushionblood red silk stoleblood red velvet corsetblood red velvet pantiesblood smeared axeblood soaked dressblood-stained shirtbloodstained white clown suitbloodstained white coatbloodstonebloodwood oblique penblossoming heart-shaped locketblowfishblowpipe coverBlubba-blupblue "Adventurers look forward to doing it" mugblue "My friend went to Slippery Hollow and all I got was this cheap t-shirt" t-shirtblue anacondablue and black himationblue and gold snake ankletblue and silver carp kiteblue and white Hong vaseblue and yellow sowrongblue bolter cabbageblue candyblue cheeseblue cheongsam topblue cloth apronblue cotton shirtblue cotton shirtblue cotton trousersblue crabblue crystal ink wellblue crystal necklaceblue crystal ringblue cummerbundblue denim deansblue denim jeansblue dragon toyblue dungareesblue eraserblue fluffy blanket with fluffy bunnies onblue funnelblue furry wing cosyblue hand towelblue kerchiefblue kimonoblue lacquered barblue lacquered staffblue lacquered staffblue leather bootsblue leather satchelblue leather shoesblue leather-bound bookblue loofahblue lotusblue mandarin hatblue obiblue opal filigree hairpinblue perfume bottleblue perfume bottle (bottled scent of desert breezes)blue picture frameblue pirate toyblue powdered wigblue pumpsblue rosetteblue sageblue sashblue satin brassiereblue satin push-up brablue scented candleblue sea-shellblue seashellblue silk brablue silk kimonoblue silk pantiesblue silk robeblue singletblue slipblue soupblue sowrongblue stream fireworkblue striped hand towelblue suede shoesblue tieblue tinted sunglassesblue tooth earringblue travelling cloakblue underpantsblue velvet and vermine robeblue velvet tuffetblue Wanobean candleblue wool socksblue-black shirtblue-black trousersblue-green topaz butterfly clipbluebell writing boxblueberry coneblueberry meringuebluebird of happiness bathing suitbluebird parasolBluntrock bootsboboa constrictor boaboat-inna-bottlebobble hatbodger's pattern bookboggle dice gameboiled crab clawsBolex Imperpetual watchbolognaboltbonebone blowpipebone braceletbone hatchetbone helmbone knifebone necklacebone stylusbone tridentbonemailbongo drumboning knifebonsai mountain valleybonsai stained glass fan lampbonsai wirebook endbook endbook of cat haikusbook of cigarette papersbook of large cigarette papersbootsbordered initials embroidery patternBorogravian bread stickBorogravian earspoonBorogravian war flailbottle of <colour> hair dyebottle of Agatean Golden Winebottle of almond blossom bubblebathbottle of banana daiquiri bubblebathbottle of black tulip bubblebathbottle of blueberry bubblebathbottle of bubble mixbottle of chocolate bubblebathbottle of cinnamon apple bubblebathbottle of coconut bubblebathbottle of coconut massage oilbottle of Count Magpyr's Red Winebottle of Counterwise Winebottle of deadly nightshade bubblebathbottle of Fine Morporkian Winebottle of Fine Quirmian Red Winebottle of Fine Quirmian White Winebottle of fine red Ephebian Winebottle of fine white Ephebian Winebottle of grape bubblebathbottle of Klatchian Kirbottle of lavender bubblebathbottle of lemon bubblebathbottle of lily of the valley bubblebathbottle of lime bubblebathbottle of liquorice bubblebathbottle of midnight surprise bubblebathbottle of Morporkian Real Alebottle of orange bubblebathbottle of peaches and cream bubblebathbottle of rose bubblebathbottle of sandalwood massage oilbottle of Sea Grape Winebottle of Skund Moonshinebottle of strawberry bubblebathbottle of strawberry daiquiri bubblebathbottle of strawberry massage oilbottle of tangy raspberry bubblebathbottle of the Duke of Sto Helit's Finest White Winebottle of vanilla bubblebathbottle of violet bubblebathbottle of womble bubblebathbottle openerbottle openerbottled dogbouquet of sweet-smelling freesiasbouquet of twelve long stemmed red rosesbourbon gold garlandbowlbowl of soupbowl of tomato soupbowler hatbox kitebox of "Dark Enchantments"box of crayonsbox of nailsbox of washersboxer shortsBoy Willie Action Figurebraided <colour> wicker chairbraided <colour> wicker sofabraided leather beltbraided leather trousersbraided wire necklacebraised pig facebrandy balloon (brandy)brandy glassbrandy squidbrandy trufflebrass banded stakebrass braceletbrass breastplatebrass bucklebrass cranesbrass featherbrass featherbrass gongbrass incense burnerbrass keybrass medallionbrass necklacebrass pocketwatchbrass ringbrass serpent braceletbrass top hatpinbrass trombonebrass trumpetbrass-bound engraving pattern bookBread and Butter Herringbread boxbread rollbreambreath-taking pink and black suspender beltbreathfresh tabletbreechesbrickbright and colourful kimonobright copper ankletbright copper armbandbright copper neckletbright green anacondabright green flagbright orange jumpsuitbright orange robebright pink boxer shortsbright pink jumpsuitbright pink krepisbright pink piggy swim ringbright red applebright red candlebright red cloakbright red fezbright red rooster swim ringbright red sashbright red yo-yobright sunflowerbright yellow banana peelbright yellow carrotbright yellow cummerbundbright yellow daffodilbright yellow ducky swim ringbrightly coloured banglebrightly coloured blowoutbrightly coloured harlequin dressbrightly coloured harlequin maskbrightly coloured harlequin outfitbrightly coloured windsockbrilliant blue turbanbrilliant peacock kimonobrilliant red embroidered wedding dressbrilliant vermillion book (Shop Owner's Guide)brindisian blind dressbrine picklebroad gold armbandbroad gold chokerbrocade bodicebrocade dressbrocade waistcoatbroccolibroderie morporque underdressbroken bottlebroken clay fingertipbroken glassesbroken length of dowelbroken plankbronze braceletbronze bucklebronze charm braceletbronze crucifoxbronze cuirassbronze greavesbronze javelinbronze medallionbronze necklacebronze ringbronze sagarisbronze slippersbronze statue of a youthbronze stilebronze tower shieldbronze turtle braceletbronze vambracesbronzed crookbronzed crookbronzed helminthbroombroom stickerbroom stickerbroomstickbroomstickbroomstickbroomstick keyringbrown bookbrown buckled shoesbrown cotton beltbrown cotton robebrown feather boabrown felt hatbrown flailbrown hamsterbrown leather beltbrown leather beltbrown leather folderbrown leather knickersbrown leather loinclothbrown leather pouchbrown leather pouch (Ankh fine blended tobacco)brown leather pouch (Bes Pelargic Blue Tobacco)brown leather pouch (Buffalo Tobacco)brown leather pouch (Grim's old blower tobacco)brown leather pouch (Morpork favourite tobacco)brown leather pouch (old Ramtops tobacco)brown leather pouch (rimwards mild tobacco)brown leather pouch (Two-Hump tobacco)brown leather pouch (very special Klatchian tobacco)brown leather shoesbrown leather wristwatchbrown linen himationbrown linen shirtbrown paper bagbrown perfume bottlebrown robebrown sandalsbrown soupbrown tanktopbrown turtleneck shirtbrown velvet and vermine robebrown wool skirtbrown-painted wooden benchbrown-wrapped tinbrushbrushed leather penholderbrushed silver necklacebrutal-looking barbed daggerbuckeye burl oblique penbuckled black skirtbudget quilting blockBuffalo Bellsbuffalo broochbuffalo steakbuffered analgesicbuffing clothbugbuggy trousersbulb of garlicbulging pursebull dance amphorabullfighter capebulls eyebunch of astronipbunch of beautiful rosesbunch of deadly nightshadesbunch of flowersbunch of grapesbunch of pink rabbit earsbunch of ultraviolet weedsbundle of papyrus sheetsbundle of streamersbunny biscuitbunny earsburgonetburgundy leather corsetburnished money toadburnt bamboo screenburnt torchbusiness cardbutcher's chainbutcher's hatbutchering knifebuttercupbutterfly collar blousebutterfly lover's pendantbutterfly maskbutterfly netbutterfly rice paper lampbutterfly wind chimebutterfly wrist sheathbutterkipferlbutterscotch