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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with G...
Gammer Smith applegarden gnomegarden tidygardening basketgarfishgarlic muffingarlic olivegarlic sausage with potatoesgarnet filigree earringsgarnet vine earringgas trapgator headgaudy formal wizard's robegaudy red plaid shirtgauzy blue trousersgauzy red trousersgauzy white skirtgazelle-skin sandalsGebra steel dorygeisha costumegeisha costume wiggeisha wiggem bookGenshu bottleGenuan centGenuan chocolate eggGenuan ducatgenuan duelist marionetteGenuan foringenuan knight marionetteGenuan livreGenuan Ming vaseGenuan soup bowlGenuan visagenuine Genuan guitargenuine Genuan parlour stovegenuine horseshoegenuine mugger's cudgelget better cardget resurrected soon cardgetagiant pink tutugiant wooden clubgift boxgift boxgigantic coral ear horngigantic dog collargilded ebony canegilded horsehead staffgimlet belly stonegin and tonic glass (gin and tonic)ginger biscuitgingerbread creator biscuitgingerbread persongingerbread werewolfgingham skirtgladiolusgladiusglaiveglassglass beadglass bubbleglass discglass globeglass of beerglass of blood orange juiceglass of bloody maryglass of red wineglass of white wineglass Pishe figurineglass praying mantisglass shardglass slippersglass top hatpinglass tumblerglass tumbler of grapefruit juiceglass tumbler of lemonadeglass tumbler of lime juiceglass tumbler of orange juiceglass tumbler of waterglass tumbler of weak lemon drinkglass windchimeglass-topped maple deskglazed sweetmeatglistening black slug swim ringglittery purple high heeled shoesglittery swordgloomy paintingglossy black bootsglossy black riding bootsglovesglucose tabletglum villager glove puppetglum villager marionette puppetgnameplategnarled pine doorgnotepadgoatgoat cheesegoatherd's crookgodet skirtgodmother wandgold and amber necklacegold and diamond wedding ringgold and pearl diademgold assassin's pingold banglegold bear necklacegold bolero jacketgold braceletgold bucklegold charm braceletgold chocolate boxgold chopinsgold crowngold crucifoxgold earringgold friendship braceletgold grasshopper braceletgold handled axegold hoop earringgold hoop earringsgold hooped earringgold medalliongold necklacegold necklacegold nib pengold picture framegold pinky ringgold plated dessert spoongold plated dinner forkgold plated knifegold plated salad forkgold plated shrimp forkgold plated soup spoongold pocketwatchgold ribbon diademgold ribbon wedding bandgold ringgold ringgold silk midriff topgold silk scarfgold silk stolegold skull-motif braceletgold spider broochgold watchgold wire glassesgold-edged pink getagold-embroidered galabyagold-handled paint brushgold-leafed garden fishbowlgold-leafed peony fishbowlgold-stitched skirtgold-trimmed obigold-trimmed sandalsgold-worked blue chitongolden amber navel studgolden ballgolden Binky keygolden bookgolden brown silk sandalsgolden bucketgolden buffalo kimonogolden bungolden circle keyringgolden cymbalgolden desert fox neckletGolden Disagreeable applegolden dragon nunchakugolden dumplinggolden ebony wood wardrobegolden flying ibis headpiecegolden ibis magistrate's mitregolden lemurgolden lilac arabesque daybedgolden mallet necklacegolden mih futongolden quill pengolden Satsuma jargolden serpent necklacegolden sicklegolden slipgolden snake braceletgolden spearhead necklacegolden thimblegolden tiger statuegolden torcgolden trianglegolden wall fangolden-green amber diademgolden-yellow wrapped jacketgoldfish stained glass fan lampgoldsmith's pattern bookgolf teegoogly eyed glassesgoogly-eye glassesgossamer silk cloakgrainGrand Wizard clockgrandfather clockgrandmother clockgranite bagelgranite mantelpiecegrape blue himationgrape sandalsgrapefruitgrass skirtgrass-woven dillybaggreasy chef's hatgreasy white aprongreat helmgreat scimitargreat swordgreen "#2 Daughter-in-law" muggreen and black chitongreen and pink sowronggreen and silver butterfly clipgreen and white leekgreen and white striped anacondagreen apple Hello Monkey! towelgreen baby alligator (wearable gator)Green Billet applegreen bluebird fangreen candygreen colouring bookgreen corduroy trousersgreen crystal spheregreen cuddly cabbagegreen cummerbundgreen doubletgreen enamel juggreen evening dressgreen feather boagreen fluffy crocodilegreen fountain fireworkgreen glass shardgreen glass stylusgreen kiwifruitgreen leafy cabbagegreen leather bootsgreen leather vestgreen linen gowngreen malachite pendantgreen mandarin hatgreen monkey toygreen notepadgreen olivegreen olivegreen peppergreen perfume bottlegreen perfume bottlegreen perfume bottle (bottle of vanilla perfume)green sashgreen scented candlegreen seashellgreen seaweed paper lampgreen silk kimonogreen sliver of octirongreen smockgreen spongegreen succulent peargreen tiegreen trousersgreen tunicgreen underpantsgreen velvet and vermine robegreen wool shirtgreenish-purple velvet and vermine robegrey "#1 Politician" muggrey "Barbarian invader" muggrey "I'm with stupid" t-shirtGrey "Swoosh! And your head is gone!" t-shirtgrey bootsgrey buckled knee breechesgrey cardigangrey cummerbundgrey fur-trimmed robegrey goose quillgrey leather bootsgrey leather bootsgrey leather cloakgrey leather glovesgrey leather hatgrey leather shirtgrey leather trousersgrey levergrey mineral stonegrey pinstripe suit jacketgrey pinstripe suit trousersgrey pleated skirtgrey robegrey sea-shellgrey shawlgrey silk shoesgrey silk top hatgrey silk trousersgrey socksgrey spongegrey tailcoatgrey tiegrey travelling cloakgrey tunicgrey velvet and vermine robegrey wandgrey woollen gowngrey worsted skirtgrey worsted trousersgrey-green ivy shawlgrey-green linen robegreyed timber bookcasegreyed timber washbasingriffin moccasinsgriffin ringgrim rider glove puppetgrim rider marionette puppetgris-gris necklacegrotesque ebony handchairgrotty old potato sackground shellsgroupergroupergroupergrubby checked suit jacketgrubby chef's aprongrubby old sackgrubby overallsgrubby overcoatgruperguest bookGuild of Bandits' tabardguitarguitar primergumbo pot