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Green baby alligator (wearable gator)

   This tiny baby 'gator is all but split in half by an enormous toothy grin which seems as long around
   as he is tall. A row of shiny white teeth sparkle from the inside of his roguish smile which beams
   from underneath two beady blue eyes set too close together in a face only a mother could love.
   Leathery green skin covers this cute little critter's entire body, all the way down to his stubby,
   swishing tail, and a bumpy ridge runs all the way from his tail to the top of his head. While his
   type are usually deadly hunters, his fat little belly indicates that this is one 'gator that likes
   life on his owner's shoulder.

Can be purchased at...
   Alfred Peacock's Petshop (North half of Tchuttifruitti Street, Genua) for 3,3,50Gf

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.