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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with T...
tabitabletop bonsai mountaintachibotacky wooden sandalsTacticus Academy blazerTacticus Academy tietaiko drumtall black bookshelftall black top hattall chest of drawerstall driftwood cabinettall jade crowntall pointy black hattall wire baskettall wooden wardrobetambourinetan chiffon scarftan leather armbandtan leather thigh bootsTang family kimonoTangbrini bottletangerinetankard tank suittankotanner's kittantotape measuretapestry handbagtapestry of a hunting sceneTarazuke bottletarnished gold lamptarnished keytarnished metal tintarnished steel knifetartan leather kilttartan mandarin hattasseled stafftasseled stafftasselled paint brushtasteful terracotta amphoratasty meat pieTasty Tendriltatami dotatami mat bedtattered cotton skirttattered leather shoestattered white dresstatty old magazinetawny woollen gowntawny yellow tunictawny-brown mushroomtea cabinettea green satin cutaway dresstea tableteacupteacup of black coffeeteacup of black teateacup of Earl Black teateacup of Genuan coffeeteacup of green teateacup of hot chocolateteacup of Quirmian espressoteacup of sweet milky teateacup of white coffeeteacup of white sweet teateak sake box (Noble Lord Sake Set)tealightteardrop pearlteat pipetteteddy bearteddy bearteddy bear sweaterteddy bear with no eyestekko guardsTellif of Fish's hairtemple garden bellTemple of Small Gods wedding cakeTemple of Soyin guide bookTemple of Soyin souvenir clockTemple of Soyin souvenir mugten-gallon hatten-sided dietender buffalo droppingsTender TentaclesTengu's Codextenor saxophoneterracotta bird bathterracotta pigsterracotta statue of a foreign demonterracotta statuetteterrified villager glove puppetterrified villager marionette puppetterrifying purple snake swim ringtetsubotetsubo slingtextured leaf screenthank-you cardThankfully Deceased t-shirtthaumometerThe Fabled Walking Stick of Wungthe Hong Lotustheatrical blue haired wigtheatrical red haired wigthick black blousethick black obithick black silk kimonothick black socks that can kick through wallsthick cardboard shelfthick cushy socksthick fleecethick gold wedding bandthick length of dowelthick navy blue shawlthick oak beamthick pine beamthick silver armbandthick woollen socksthick-rimmed spectaclesthick-soled sandalsthief's daggerthief's dagger scabbardThief's ensembleThieves' Guild coat of arms stick-on appliqueThieves' Guild Licencethigh-high black leather boots with five inch heelsthimblethin black lace cloakthin black maskthin black tiethin bookthin cigarillothin grey-blue robethin length of dowelthin oak beamthin paint brushthin paintbrushthin pine beamthin stickthird panel of the Cohen tapestrythistle green chitonthorn pattern bodicethorny stemthoroughly patched woollen trousersthousand rose shieldthread spoolthree dogs playing poker statuethree painting Pishe setthree star shieldthreshing flailThrone of Bonesthrowing khyberthrowing spikethrowing starthrowing tlingathymetier bedtiger fangtiger head cushiontiger lilytiger prawntiger's eye pendanttigerwood stafftight beige dresstight black blousetight black halter-neck toptight black leather trouserstight black ninja jackettight black ninja trouserstight black rollneck sweatertight black silk dresstight black silk dress with silver spanglestight black silk skirttight black speedostight blue skirttight dull coloured toptight fitting black leather waistcoattight high-heeled leather bootstight leather outfittight mail hauberktight shortstight white blousetight white skirttight white t-shirttight-fitting white breechestimpani sticktin bathtubtin disctin ladletin of <colour> painttin of adobe painttin of amber painttin of antique white painttin of apple green painttin of apple white painttin of aqua green painttin of aquamarine painttin of azure painttin of Bay of Ephebe blue painttin of black painttin of blood red painttin of blue painttin of blushed lavender painttin of bold blue painttin of bone white painttin of bright blue painttin of bright green painttin of bright orange painttin of bright red painttin of bright turquoise painttin of bright yellow painttin of bronze painttin of brown painttin of burgundy painttin of burnt umber painttin of C.M.O.T Dibbler's cream of guaranteed rust removal (TM)tin of cactus green painttin of cadet grey painttin of cerulean blue painttin of charcoal grey painttin of chartreuse painttin of chestnut brown painttin of chocolate brown painttin of clouded grey painttin of clouded white painttin of cobalt blue painttin of copper painttin of cornflower blue painttin of cornsilk painttin of cream painttin of creamy white painttin of crimson painttin of dark blue painttin of dark brown painttin of dark cerulean blue painttin of dark green painttin of dark orange painttin of dark orchid painttin of dark red painttin of dark turquoise painttin of deep blue painttin of desert sand painttin of Djelian yellow painttin of down white painttin of eggshell blue painttin of eggshell white painttin of emerald green painttin of firebrick painttin of flax white painttin of floral green painttin of floral white painttin of forest green painttin of fuschia painttin of Genuan bleen painttin of Genuan blue painttin of ghost white painttin of gold painttin of goldenrod painttin of grape blue painttin of grape green painttin of green painttin of honeydew painttin of hot pink painttin of indigo painttin of innocent white painttin of ivory painttin of ivory white painttin of jade-green painttin of jet black painttin of jungle green painttin of khaki painttin of Klatchian blue painttin of lavender painttin of lemon chiffon painttin of lemon yellow painttin of light bamboo painttin of light cyan painttin of light green painttin of light turquoise painttin of light yellow painttin of lilac painttin of lime green painttin of linen white painttin of mahogany brown painttin of marbled white painttin of maroon painttin of metaphor black painttin of midnight black painttin of midnight blue painttin of mint cream painttin of mint green painttin of mist grey painttin of mother of pearl painttin of mummy-brown painttin of natural green painttin of natural white painttin of navy blue painttin of oasis blue painttin of ocean blue painttin of ochre painttin of off-white painttin of olive green painttin of opaque grey painttin of orange painttin of painttin of pale blue painttin of pale goldenrod painttin of pale green painttin of pale orange painttin of pale yellow painttin of peach painttin of pearl grey painttin of pink painttin of plum painttin of polishtin of pomelo painttin of pumpkin orange painttin of pure white painttin of purple painttin of raindrop grey painttin of red painttin of rosy brown painttin of ruby red painttin of rust painttin of saffron painttin of sand yellow painttin of sandy beige painttin of sandy ochre painttin of sandy white painttin of sapphire blue painttin of scarlet painttin of sea green painttin of seashell painttin of seashell white painttin of seaweed-coloured painttin of serene blue painttin of sienna painttin of silver painttin of silvery blue painttin of simile black painttin of sky blue painttin of slate blue painttin of slate grey painttin of snow white painttin of snowdrop white painttin of snowy white painttin of soft grey painttin of soft white painttin of stone-washed grey painttin of storm-cloud grey painttin of stormy grey painttin of sunset orange painttin of sunshine yellow painttin of tan painttin of terracota painttin of terracotta painttin of tomato red painttin of turquoise painttin of twilight purple painttin of ultramarine painttin of violet painttin of virginal white painttin of wheat painttin of whipped papaya painttin of white painttin of wine-dark purple painttin of yellow painttin shakuhachitinfoil hattiny <colour> glass phialtiny black disposable cuptiny blank stenciltiny bone needletiny brass gongtiny bronze keytiny buckettiny chainmail shirttiny cue cardtiny domino masktiny eyeballtiny firecrackertiny gold Llamedese knot earringstiny grey waxed paper packettiny hourglass (tiny sand minute glass)tiny leather shortstiny message cylindertiny mug of klatchian coffeetiny mug of Quirmian espressotiny notetiny notetiny notetiny pipettetiny pointy black hattiny pointy wizard's hattiny red pottery shardtiny waxed paper packettiny winged elephanttitle changertobaccotoffee appletoffee appletoffee squaretongstooled leather belttop hattop hat keyringtopaz and aquamarine cravat pintopaz earringtopfentascherlntopless top hattorn trouserstorpedo cigartortoise shelltortoiseshell glassestorturer's aprontotally unrealistic dwarf masktote baskettough sandalstourist guidetower ringtowering clock wigtoy cameltoy carttoy growlertoy hearttoy horsetoy mardi-gras floattoy ridertoy soldiertoy stuffingtracksuit toptraditional Agatean engraving pattern booktraditional black formal shoestraditional black shoji lamptraditional bridal crowntraditional D'reg wedding knifetraditional ensembletraditional kilttraditional mottos embroidery pattern booktraditional painting of a young child with a parasoltraditional painting of two women singingtraditional red futontraditional scroll painting of a child and a rabbittraditional suittragic clown paintingtrailing twilight hooded capetrainerstranquil wind chimetranslucent purple perfume bottletranslucent white perfume bottletranslucent white silk fantransparent blue perfume bottletransparent brown perfume bottletransparent cinnamon perfume bottletransparent green perfume bottletransparent lavender perfume bottletransparent orange perfume bottletransparent perfume bottletransparent perfume bottletransparent red perfume bottletransparent white perfume bottletransparent yellow perfume bottleTraveller's Suggestive Biscuittreasure-shaped cookietree frog emblem embroidery patternTree Frog House black silk underwearTree Frog House scarftree frog keyringtree frog masktree frog thimbletree frog topped mahogany canetree trimmertrendy blousetrendy dresstrendy shirttrendy skirttrendy trouserstri-colour dragon vasetriangle shaped silk backpacktricorne hattriple knot ringtriple-chained war flailtroll masktropical trouserstrouttrouttruckle bedTruckle the Uncivil Action Figuretsimo loinclothTsimo outfitTsortean fried batTsortean metal helmetTsortean metal shieldTsortean speartub of <colour> dyetube of <colour>lipsticktube of frog adhesivetube of sticky gluetube of sunscreentube of toothpastetube of waterproof gluetube of waterproofing oiltufted leather chairtulip dresstulip wood coffee tabletumblertunatung bedtuppenny uprightturquoise feather boaturquoise perfume bottle (bottle of bergamot perfume)turquoise scarab ringturquoise seashellturquoise wool vestmentturtle coneturtle figurineturtle necklacetweed waistcoattwelve-sided dieTwenty Tiger Takanochi t-shirttwenty-sided dietwig of neverbatwilight silk bathrobetwilight silk high heelstwilight-coloured evening dresstwin dragon sword wall piecetwined gold armlettwined leaf silver wedding bandtwisted cloth ringtwisted silver keytwisted wooden stafftwo-handed axetwo-handed black shafted macetwo-handed scimitartwo-handed swordtwo-handed swordtwo-handed sword scabbardtwo-handed war hammertwo-handed war swordtwo-handled kylixtypewriter