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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with M...
macabre ringmacemacemackerelMad Hamish Action Figuremado screenmagic alibi ballMagic Beard tinmagic light bulbMagistrate Flathead glove puppetMagistrate Flathead marionette puppetmagistrate's wigmagnificent silver ringmagnificently ornamented velvet robemahogany and dark cherry himationmahogany canemahogany display casemahogany four-poster bedmahogany nightstand with brass accentsmahogany-handled paint brushmaid's capmaid's capmaidenly white sandalsmail chaussesmail coifmail hauberkmail hauberk (Steel)mail hosenmail mittensmail shirtmail skirtmain gauchemajestic bedmajestic purple bathrobemakeup cleaning tissuemale fighter keyringmalletman's full-length wool bathing costumemancala boardmandarin beardmandarin fan screenmandarin orangemandarin orange robemandarin-design walnut mirrormanga bookmangetoutmap of Bes Pelargic platemap of Djelibeybimap of Klatchmaple bonsai treemaple fiery gods cabinetmaracasmarblemarble sceptremarble sceptremarble statuemarble statue of a young man lying downmarble tiled bathmarbling combmarinated olive and garlic mixmarinated olive and mushroom mixmarinated olive and roast capsicum mixmarinated olive and salami mixmarket basketmarmorkuchenmaroon linen robemarquetry sideboardMartini MackerelMarzipan dessert spoonMarzipan dinner forkMarzipan dinner knifeMarzipan salad forkMarzipan shrimp forkMarzipan soup spoonmasakari bandmass of grimy ragsmassive diamondmassive ebony bookcasemastermind boardmatador trousersmaze artworkmaze braceletmaze toe ringMcSweeney family kimonoMcSweeney haggisMcSweeney kiltMcSweeney silver spoonmeasure glass (measure of scumble)measure glass (measure of whiskey)measure glass of scumblemeasure glass of whiskeymeasuring tapemeat cleavermeat hammermeat hookmeat piemeat piemeat rollmeaty brown cow swim ringmedium album sheetmedium B'cket's bucketmedium basketmedium blank stencilmedium bone needlemedium bone shieldmedium bucketmedium canopic jarmedium clay bowlmedium clove of garlicmedium grey waxed paper packetmedium hourglass (medium mercury twenty-minute glass)medium hourglass (medium sand twelve-minute glass)medium jarmedium leather shieldmedium loaf of breadmedium loaf of breadmedium metal shieldmedium pine shelfmedium pipettemedium satchelmedium sized clear bottlemedium sized elegant dark brown bottle (bottle of herbal liqueur)medium sized elegant dark green bottle (bottle of festival strength mead)medium sized fishmedium sized mustard yellow bottle (bottle of lamp oil)medium sized plain envelopemedium sized smoked brown bottle (bottle of lamp oil)medium throwing hatchetmedium watermelonmedium waxed paper packetmedium weightmedium wooden boxmedium wooden shieldmedium-sized bucketmedium-sized polished luggagemedium-sized ripe figmedium-sized shiny luggagemedium-sized tasselled luggagemedium-sized varnished luggagemeerschaum ashtraymeerschaum ashtray with a Djelian motifmeerschaum ashtray with a Llamedese motifmeerschaum ashtray with a Morporkian motifmegaphonemelon pearlmen's kalasirismensa regis boardmeridian axemeridian strapMerry Hogswatch bouquetmess of wormsmessy paint brushmetal backpackmetal chopsticksmetal clad bootsmetal gauntletsmetal greavesmetal helmmetal helmmetal marbling traymetal polemeteorMicklegreen's Juicy cabbagemidnight black bolero jacketmidnight black cutaway jacketmidnight black high heeled shoesmidnight black quill penmidnight black silk skirtmidnight black silk vestmidnight blue and gold turbanmidnight blue coatmidnight blue knee breechesmidnight blue musketeer's tabardmidnight blue silk sandalsmidnight blue velvet riding habitmidnight rain bathing suitmidnight rain swimming trunksmidnight rosemight be meat piemighty green cucumbermilitary capemillefleur tapestryminer's helmetminer's helmetmineskirtMing vaseminiature black paintboxminiature broomstickminiature coloured paintboxminiature portraitminiature statueminiature wizard's robeminiature wooden logmink coatmink stolemink trimmed glovesmint sandalsmint-flavoured chocolatemirrored sunglassesmirrored timepiecemitamatamixed meat piemodel boatmodel camelmodel castlemodel chariotmodel corpse keyringmodel demon keyringmodel house keyringmodel of a djinn keyringmodel soldiermodel trirememodern paintingmodest blue silk dressmoga wigmohr im hemdmoney plantmonk's habitmonk's habitmonkey maskmonkey nosemonkey suitmonkfishmonoclemonster herringmoon daggermoon dragon braceletmoon dragon hair slidemoon dragon hourglassmoon pendantmoon tooth sabremoonlight white kimonomoonstone diademmoonstone ringmoonstone ringmoonstone silver braceletmoonstone silver broochmoonstone silver pendantmoonstone silver tie pinmoonstone teardrop nipple ringmoose antlermorionmorning starmorning suitMorpork favourite tobaccomorporkian carriages gamemorporkian clothing catalogueMorporkian gladiusMorporkian gladius scabbardmorporkian tourist guidemortar and pestlemortar boardmosquetaire glovesmoss green beach towelmother of pearl cufflinksmother of pearl fanmother of pearl inlaid arabesque tablemother of pearl wedding ringmottled green kimonomountain belly ringmountain bowlmountain ringmounted pewter shieldmounting plaquemourner's robemouse ballmouse coachman hatmousquetaire glovesmud crabmuddy brown candlemugmug of black coffeemug of Genuan Coffeemulti-functional strippermulticoloured robemummified batmummy finger necklacemummy-shaped cookieMuroka bottlemushroom and rum pink bridesmaid dressmusic boxmusic note keyringmusical boxmusk melonmusketeer's jacketmuslin screenmusselmust be mutton pieMy Little Abattoir PlaysetMy Little BinkyMy Little ScrapsMy Little Water Buffalomysterious light lavender stonemysterious rosemystery bag of embroidery suppliesmystery bag of quilting suppliesmystical eight ballmythic swordmythic sword scabbard