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Dark green robe

   This fine green robe resembles those of the traditional mystics and monks of the Empire. A dark
   green over-robe of thick silk covers a lighter, moss green under-robe of thin, soft satin the
   sleeves of which protrude from beneath the sleeveless over-robe. The over-robe reaches to the
   ground and is worn as a kimono, wrapped close around the waist. A lively turquoise sigil, shaped
   like a crane, is pinned to the traditional Auriental collar, marking it as a Tang family guard

Can be purchased at...
   No matching shops found.

Has been spotted on...
   Hatayagainoro (Bes Pelargic. Inside Tang Estate, in Tang Bay)
   Spymaster Lii (Bes Pelargic. Inside Tang Estate, in Tang Bay)
   Tang family guard (Bes Pelargic. Inside Tang Estate, in Tang Bay)