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Colourful fool marionette

   This is a well made, expensive looking marionette of a member of the fools guild in full costume.
   He stands at around two feet tall and is wearing a large, brightly coloured hat with eight bells,
   each of which hangs off one of the hat's floppy limbs. He holds a large fish in one hand and a
   cream pie in the other, and his head sports two large ears sticking out at an absurd angle to his
   face, which is dominated by a large, fleshy red nose and ruddy cheeks. His coat and trousers are a
   few sizes too large, and hang off him in a way designed to be amusing. He is a riot of patchwork
   colour, every part of his clothing and perfectly painted face and hands covered in bright splashes
   of hue that would delight any young child. A fine, almost invisible string comes out of each of his
   hands, feet, and head and connects to a wooden handle which looks as though it would be fun to play

Can be purchased at...
   A toy shop (East end of Genua Avenue, Genua) for 2,4,0Gf

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.