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Amethyst silk veil

   This gauzy gossamer veil looks as though it was spun from crushed amethysts, gleaming in tones of
   sapphire and ruby where the light touches it. It floats in front of the wearer's face, concealing
   everything from the bridge of the nose downwards. It is bound along the top by a thin gold ribbon,
   which trails out into tiny gold clasps that secure the veil in the wearer's hair. Small
   marquise-cut amethysts dangle from the bottom hem to weight the thin fabric and to guard against the
   veil being blown aside by an errant breeze. The shimmering silk of the veil serves to enhance and
   deepen the eyes, making them appear larger and more alluring.

Can be purchased at...
   A little back room (Phoenix Road, northeast corner of the bazaar, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 150.00

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.