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Cone of Sapsago cheese

   Curiously cone shaped, this rindless cheese is a pale green colour due to the addition of fenugreek.
    Sapsago is a hard and gritty cheese, salty and sour in flavour, originating in Uberwald, where they
   used to call it Schabziger, but somehow that got convoluted with discalisation. Quite overpowering
   on its own, it is chiefly used in cooking or as a topping.

Can be purchased at...
   A corner of the Harbour Market, thick with the aromas of cheese (Southeast corner of the Harbour Market, Ephebe) for S8|61de
   A musty cheese shop (Alguinna Alley, Ankh-Morpork) for A$3.25
   A smelly cheese shop (Little Brindisi, Genua) for 4,33Gl

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.