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Artificer's staff

   This staff was obviously constructed by a master artificer. Only the greatest of master smiths are
   capable of manipulating octiron in such a fanciful and cunning way. The pole itself has been
   smelted with octiron filigree of a shade darker than the base material and scrolls throughout the
   complete shaft. The foot of this masterpiece flares out to resemble a small anvil while the head
   has been constructed in the shape of a smith's hammer. Either side of the hammer depicts a scene;
   one from the shop of a dwarfen blacksmith and the other from the laboratory of a master artificer.

Can be purchased at...
   Gildworthy's workshop (Inside the Sto Lat Academy Of Artificers, on King's Road, Sto Lat) for A$113.12

Has been spotted on...
   Headmaster Cutwell (Sto Lat. Inside the Sto Lat Academy Of Artificers, on King's Road)