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Caged rowan case

   About the size of an average pint of one's favourite drink, this handsomely crafted case is used to
   hold something much more arcane. The artifact itself seems to have been made from petrified wood;
   so petrified, in fact, it still seems to be shaking. The terrified wood is kept locked in a cage of
   various metals including octiron. Whether or not the caging is meant to protect you or the case,
   however, has yet to be seen. At every intersection of metalwork, a tiny gem has been place which
   captures and reflects all available light in a sparkling array of colour. It appears to have
   something written on it.

Can be purchased at...
   Brimstone's (Inside the Sto Lat Academy Of Artificers, on King's Road, Sto Lat) for A$500

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.