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Elegant curled sandals

   This is the type of sandal that should only be worn by one of very high rank, the upper echelons of
   society. They are made of soft white leather, trimmed and stitched with a rich purple, the network
   of straps rising to an impressive and complicated display of weaving about the ankle. Their most
   notable feature, however, is the great curling toe, which sweeps upwards in an extravagant arc
   almost a hand's length into the air, before curving back down towards the foot. A little purple
   tassel dangles from the end to cap the impression. Actually, it all looks a little ridiculous, but
   woe betide anyone who says so!

Can be purchased at...
   A boring area of the Harbour Market, with only a cobbler's stall to make it interesting (Southeast side of the Harbour Market, Ephebe) for 1M S31|71de

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.