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Bernita's Flower Shop

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Location: Treacle Street, east of Dragon's Landing, Ankh-Morpork.

Notes: Notes can be added to flowers purchased here. Flowers can also be delivered to another player for an additional A$3.

This shop sells...
   Armful of daffodils for A$1
   Black orchid for A$1
   Bouquet of sweet-smelling freesias for A$1
   Bunch of deadly nightshades for A$1
   Bunch of pink rabbit ears for A$1
   Bunch of ultraviolet weeds for A$1
   Buttercup for A$1
   Cluster of starflowers for A$1
   Daisy chain for A$1
   Dandelion for A$1
   Dark rose for A$1
   Delicate orchid for A$1
   Forget-me-not for A$1
   Four-leafed clover for A$1
   Handful of ragweed for A$1
   Honeysuckle blossom for A$1
   Impossibly large sunflower for A$1
   Iris stem for A$1
   Laurel wreath for A$1
   Merry Hogswatch bouquet for A$1
   Midnight rose for A$1
   Pink carnation for A$1
   Pot of Lancrastian violets for A$1
   Purple rose for A$1
   Red rose for A$1
   Red tulip for A$1
   Scarlet poppy for A$1
   Small pink flower for A$1
   Small potted cactus for A$1
   Spray of sweet-smelling jasmine for A$1
   Sprig of lilac for A$1
   Thorny stem for A$1
   Tiger lily for A$1
   White rose for A$1
   White rose and lily bridal corsage for A$1
   Wild cherry blossom twig for A$1
   Wreath of flowers for A$1
   Yellow carnation for A$1
   Yellow rose for A$1