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Fai Chu's Exclusive Weaponry

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Location: In the middle of the Snail, Bes Pelargic.

Notes: Shop is a general store, but stocks exclusive weapons.

This shop sells...
   Black bokken for 17Rh 10s
   Dao for 31Rh 30s
   Duan jian for 39Rh 70s
   Golden dragon nunchaku for 50Rh
   Kodachi for 51Rh 5s
   Lian for 8Rh 40s
   Moon tooth sabre for 50Rh
   Nagamaki for 52Rh 10s
   Ono for 62Rh 60s
   Sharpened sai for 52Rh 10s
   Silver dragon nunchaku for 50Rh
   Steel naginata for 67Rh 60s
   Steel-tempered katana for 83Rh 40s
   Wooden nunchaku for 50Rh
   Xiou li jian for 43Rh 90s